Fashion Hack for Shortening Your Pants With Buttons

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Adjustable buttons with a ball clutch back are also known as jewelry clutch buttons because smaller versions are used for earrings.

They come in two parts, a button with a pointed shank and a press on back to hold the button in place. You can get them in various sizes and colors to adjust a waistband, for example.

Something I hadn’t thought of before was using them to shorten my pants and style my jeans. Here’s how I did it.

Tools and materials:

  • Adjustable buttons
How to shorten

1. How to shorten

You’ll need at least two buttons per leg, depending on how heavy the fabric is and how much you’re shortening them by.

How to shorten

Turn up the hem of your pants to the inside.

Push the pointed part of the button through the new hem from the outside. 

How to shorten

Press the back of the button into place from the inside.

How to shorten

Put a button on the inner and outer leg seams. If you need more, add them at the center front and back of each leg. 

How to shorten

A really quick, easy and stylish way to shorten your pants.

How to style

2. How to style

Push a button through the outer front pocket fabric of your jeans, again from the outside in. 

How to style

Press the back on from the inside of the pocket.

How to style

Fashion hack for shortening your pants with buttons

Where else can you think of to use these? Maybe the point of a jacket collar or pocket flap. I’d love to know what ideas you come up with.

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Suggested materials:
  • Adjustable buttons

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