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by Jessica Shaw
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I have found some amazing fashion hacks and this one in particular is pure genius.

I love the look of a blazer hanging casually on my shoulders but I hate the way it just slides off. I don’t want to spend my time constantly adjusting and fixing my blazer.

This is an absolutely brilliant solution!

Tools and materials:

  • Blazer

1. Rest the blazer on your shoulders and find the hanging straps

Place your blazer on your shoulders and then look for the hanging ribbons on the inside.

These little ribbon loops are really meant for keeping clothes on hangers but there are other unintended uses we can find for them.

Looping ribbon

2. Tie and slide

Take the ribbon and loop it around the strap of your tank top or bra. 

Tying ribbon

Tie it to secure it. Then slide the ribbon back behind your shoulder.

Tying ribbon

Do the same to the other side. Wrap the ribbon around your tank top or bra strap and tie it in place.

Slide it and hide it behind your shoulder.

Easy blazer fashion hack

Now you can let the blazer hang effortlessly from your shoulders.

Easy blazer fashion hack

Easy blazer fashion hack

I love this hack because draping a blazer over your shoulders looks so cool and casual, but it can get super stressful if you’re always worried about it slipping off and falling.

This trick enables me to wear the blazer hanging on my shoulders without any concerns.

What do you guys think of this hack? Have you ever tried it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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Suggested materials:
  • Blazer

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