5 Easy Tips on How to Style a Suit

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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If suits make you think of boring businessmen in the city, it’s time for a paradigm shift.

Women can wear suits too, and no, they needn't be dull and drab and make you look older than you really are!

In this style guide, I’m going to give you five hot tips for how to wear a suit.

Suit outfit

1. Jazz the shoes up

In terms of suit color, I recommend going for something neutral.

A neutral suit will give you the most wearability, and you’ll be able to wear it time and time again, styling it with different things.

You can insert color into the look with your shoe choice. These bright orange shoes, matched with an orange top, add a pop of personality to the look.

Suit outfit

2. Play with proportions

Another way to make a suit interesting is to play with proportions.

There are so many different cuts of pants and blazers out there that no matter what your body shape, you can go for a style that will show off your best parts and conceal other areas.

It really isn’t one size fits all when it comes to shopping for a suit.

Suit outfit

3. Pair it with a funky button-down

Another way to add personality to your suit outfit is in what type of blouse you decide to pair it with.

The one I’m wearing here is in a soft pastel color, but it has a large, exaggerated collar which adds some interest to the entire look.

Suit outfit

4. Add one interesting accessory

We want to keep the look fairly minimal by not overdoing it with accessories, but definitely go for one interesting accessory to showcase in your outfit.

This brown belt blends in with the color of the pants, but the gold chain detail stands out against the dark background and adds some elegant glamor.

Suit outfit

5. Roll up the sleeves

Lastly, rolling up the sleeves of your shirt will show off your wrists and look very flattering. Rolling up the sleeves also adds a relaxed feel to an otherwise formal outfit.

How to style a suit 

There we have five top tips for how to style a suit.

If you’ve been hesitant to wear a suit in the past, there is no reason for you to be any longer. Follow these principles, and you’ll be looking stylish and sophisticated in no time.

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