How to Style a Trench Coat: 10 Super Chic Outfit Ideas

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Hi, everyone! Today, I’m showing you some trench coat outfit ideas.

Trench coats are a real wardrobe staple; they go with everything. You can wear it with more casual and sporty clothes, or you can wear it with work suits, dresses, and skirts.

Trench coat with all white

1. Trench coat with all white

The first outfit I’ve put together is these white joggers with white sneakers, a silk cotton, knitted hoodie, and my beige trench coat.

This is such a monochromatic look, and it looks so elegant, even if it’s casual clothes.

All of the colors are beiges, creams, and whites and it looks really nice. It’s comfortable and warm, making it a great outfit to go shopping or run your errands in.

Casual trench coat outfit

2. Casual trench coat outfit 

For the next outfit, I’m wearing my normal blue jeans, which are cropped and slim, and I’ve paired them with a striped t-shirt and platform sneakers.

You’ve probably noticed that stripes are so in this season, especially navy and white stripes. This is another trendy and comfortable look to run errands and go shopping.

Trench coat with all black

3. Trench coat with all black 

For this one, I’m wearing black skinny jeans and a thin, black knit top with biker boots. Biker boots are so in fashion this season, and the ones I’m wearing are lined as well.

This is great for wet weather and when it’s a bit cooler. It’s very comfortable and stylish.

Trench coat and dressy loungewear

4. Trench coat and dressy loungewear

Even more casual, I’m pairing the trench coat with black joggers and a nice, knitted hoodie.

Again, this one is striped in oatmeal and black, and I’m also wearing my biker boots.

Everyday trench coat look

5. Everyday trench coat look

For this outfit, I put together white, straight, and cropped jeans and a beige and cream knit top alongside some white sneakers.

Smart trench coat look

6. Smart trench coat look

Let’s move on to some more smart outfits.

For this one, I used my cropped, slim beige pants with some heels and a silk top. You can put on any white top or t-shirt that’s a bit smarter.

Relaxed trench coat look

7. Relaxed trench coat look

To be a bit more casual with the same pants, I’ve put on this aqua sweater with white sneakers. T

his outfit is a bit between casual and smart, but we’re going for comfort above everything. Even if we’re trying to look nice, we use small heels just to be comfortable.

All beige trench coat look

8. All beige trench coat look 

Don’t think you can’t wear wide, flowy bootcut Palazzo pants with the trench coat because of the length and because it’s a bit wide, but you definitely can.

In this outfit, I’ve put on these beige and very flowy pants with a college sweater and platform sneakers. Since the pants are quite long, the platform sneakers add a bit of height. 

Alternative outfit with black pants

You can also wear this outfit with black or white pants.

9. Officewear look 

Now for something really cute that you can wear in the office.

I’m pairing navy, slim cropped suit pants with a blue and white striped shirt and ballerina pumps.

The pumps are striped as well, but the stripes on the shirt are very subtle so it doesn’t clash too much. You can also wear this with navy high-heeled shoes.

10. Officewear look 2.0

For the next outfit, I wore cropped, flare pants. You can wear them in any color, but I chose black with sock-ankle cowboy boots. I just paired it with a white top. You can wear this outfit to the office as well. 

How to style a trench coat

Those are all of the outfits I put together, and I could’ve done so many more. That’s why I think the trench coat is a must in any woman’s wardrobe.

Let me know which outfit was your favorite down below!

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