4 Preppy Girl Outfits & Old Money Style Ideas

Josy Bun
by Josy Bun

Today I have a really fun lookbook with some preppy girl outfits. The preppy, old-money, and Parisian-inspired aesthetic is on trend at the moment, and I have been picking up ideas from Pinterest that I’m going to share with you here!

Preppy fall outfits

1. Sweater dress

To start off, I have this amazing short-sleeved sweater dress that’s just above the knee. I love the white piping along the stark black knit as well as the gold buttons that stand out against the white; I just think it's so chic and glamorous. I’ve paired the dress with some printed lacy tights and a cute thrifted mini bag.

On my feet, I’m wearing some chunky, preppy Mary Jane-style platform heels. A little pearl watch, a pearl teardrop necklace, and some other vintage accessories finish off the look. 

Old money outfit ideas

The gold on the necklace matches the gold buttons of the dress and makes the outfit look posh and well-coordinated.

Edgy preppy style

2. Pink blazer

Outfit number two is so chic and fun. I’ve got on a gold necklace that I inherited and for footwear, my gorgeous pink barbie shoes. I'm wearing those same pattern tights along with this tapestry skirt that has a gold metallic thread running through it along with a beautiful cranberry color that sort of goes with the gorgeous thrifted blazer.

The skirt is really a work of art and reminds me of a fancy oriental rug or wallpaper, the type of design you’d find in a Manor house. I’m once again loving the gold accents in the outfit; they just look so luxe and pretty and very high-end. This outfit actually makes me feel runway ready.

Old money preppy style

3. Tennis skirt

For outfit number three, we have a very prep school-inspired look with this extremely green tennis skirt that reminds me of gym classes. I’m wearing it with a Chanel-inspired zip-up jacket that has little frilly bits attached to it. 

Preppy feminine style

To accessorize, I have a little pearl necklace on because I think pearls and gold just go so well with this old-money preppy aesthetic. For footwear, I’m wearing my gym class-inspired white sneakers. 

Preppy knee-high socks outfits

4. Knee-high socks

Outfit number four was the most fun to create because I included these preppy goth girl-inspired knee-high socks that I rolled down a little bit so that they would be mid-calf length. I paired them with my Mary Jane platform heels.

Preppy girl outfits

The shorts have three little gold buttons on each side, which is a nice little touch that again ties in with the gold accents which is a recurring theme in this lookbook. On top, I’m wearing a sweater vest along with a button-up short sleeve top. This is definitely like the bad girl of the prep school, you know what I mean, she skips class for sure, and you know you can't trust her.

Preppy girl outfits

I really enjoyed making this preppy girl outfit lookbook, and I hope you liked the outfits that I put together. I think that this aesthetic is very classy and refined and you can get very creative when it comes to styling preppy outfits. 

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