How to Make an Easy DIY Swimsuit Cover-Up For the Beach or Pool

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I’ve wanted to give you an easy DIY swimsuit cover-up for a while, and now I’ve got just the one to share! This is basically two really long rectangles with a deep V-neck.

You can wear this beach cover-up open like a vest or closed—whatever suits your mood or your swimsuit. So, let’s get right into it.

Tools and materials:

  • 2-3 yards of fabric
  • Ruler and tape measure
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
Lining up the fabric

1. Line up your fabric

Because the fabric will go from the floor at your front, over your shoulder, and down to the floor at your back, you want to make sure that any vertical print in the fabric is lined up exactly.

So, fold your fabric in half widthwise, with the right side facing out, and pin it to ensure the vertical print on both halves is aligned.

Cutting the fabric with a rotary cutter

Use a ruler and rotary cutter to even out the bottom of the fabric.

Cutting 2-inch strips for the drawstring and casing

2. Cut a drawstring and casing

Cut two 2-inch strips from the bottom of the fabric for a drawstring and drawstring casing that you will make in a later step.

Cutting the cover-up down the middle

3. Cut the cover-up side pieces

Cut your remaining fabric vertically right down the middle so you have two large rectangles.

How to make a swimsuit cover-up

If, when you hold up one of the rectangles to your side, you feel that the sleeve length is too long for comfort, then simply cut the rectangle narrower.

I ended up cutting each of my large rectangles 12-inches wide for an off-the-shoulder look that was still large enough to cover my body width.

How to sew a bathing suit cover-up

4. Sew the swimsuit cover-up

Decide how long you want the sleeve openings, and then pin the side closed from the bottom of the sleeve opening to the length you want closed.

You may want to keep an open side slit at the bottom of the cover-up.

Sew the side seams, with right sides facing. On mine, I sewed about 14 inches down from the bottom of the sleeve opening. 

Sew the whole back seam closed from top to bottom.

Adding the drawstring casing

5. Add a drawstring casing

Lay your cover-up flat on a work surface, inside out. Measure and mark the waist position at which you want your drawstring.

Now, pin one of your 2-inch strips at that measurement on the front edge of one side of your cover-up. 

Pinning the casing to the cover-up

Continue to measure and pin the 2-inch strip all around your cover-up until you get to the front edge of the other side. Make sure the two ends are in exactly the same position.

Sew the drawstring casing to the inside of your cover-up using a straight stitch along both the top and bottom edges.

Sewing swimsuit cover-up

6. Make the drawstring

From your second 2-inch strip, simply fold it in half lengthwise with the right side facing in. Sew along the long open edge with a very small seam allowance and a very small stitch.

Use a safety spin to turn your drawstring right-side-out. Then Use the safety pin to thread the drawstring through the drawstring casing.

Finishing the inside edges

7. Finish the inside edges (optional)

If you want, you can clean-finish the inside edge of your cover-up using a zig-zag stitch. But do this before you add the drawstring casing, so you don’t end up sewing the casing closed!

Adding a back strap to the DIY beach cover-up

8. Add a back strap

For extra comfort and to keep your cover-up sleeves from slipping, you can also add a strap across the back, near the top of your cover-up.

Don’t make the strap too tight, or your cover-up will bunch. Make it the length that will allow your cover-up to sit naturally across your back.

Easy DIY swimsuit cover-up

Easy DIY swimsuit cover-up tutorial

This easy DIY swimsuit cover-up is loose, flowy, and offers just the right amount of swimsuit cover. It feels as luxurious as it looks!

I hope you try making this simple DIY beach cover-up. Leave a comment to let me know how it turned out.

Suggested materials:
  • 2-3 yards of fabric
  • Ruler and tape measure
  • Rotary cutter
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