DIY Joggers.. Who Knew It Was This Easy!?

by Christina
2 Materials
2 Minutes

Hey guys. I have a great DIY jogger hack. Who knew it was this easy?

I love a casual sweatpants look, but when they don’t have elastic at the bottom, it can look a little too casual for my liking.

This is a great way to solve this issue!

Tools and materials:

  • Sweatpants
  • Two rubber bands or hair ties
Joggers before hack

Hair ties

1. Take two hair ties or rubber bands

Put on your sweatpants and let them hang loose as they normally do.

Now grab two regular-sized hair ties or rubber bands. Put one around each pant leg by the ankles.

Adding hair tie

Adding hair tie

2. Push, pull, tug, and set

With the hair tie over the sweatpant leg, push it up the leg an inch or two until some fabric starts to bunch over the rubber band.

Pull and tug at the fabric that is hanging over until it looks the way you like it. Now it’s all set.

Easy joggers hack

Easy joggers hack

Easy joggers hack

No one would ever know these are not elastic ankle sweatpants. They look like they were made this way.

This is such a great hack for elevating sweatpants into fun and classy-looking joggers. I love this hack!

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried this? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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Suggested materials:
  • Sweatpants
  • Two rubber bands or hair ties

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