Easy No-sew Tshirt Transformation (perfect for Game Days)

by Christina

My grandma absolutely hates crew neck tshirts, she says because they're suffocating but I think the truth is she's a fashionista and her inner diva just won't comply with the normalcy and relaxed fit of a crew tshirt. For years she's taken all of her crew necks from mandatory family vacation shirts, sports shirts for games, and philanthropic shirts from walks and charities and she always tears them apart and creates this chic new look. I know most people would think "dressing like a grandma" is an insult but not me, my grandma is my fashion sansei and inspiration so I have started having fun with some of my shirts and honestly love it.

Here's a simple way to add some tears to your shirt and make it more form fitting.

Lay your shirt out and first things first CUT THE COLLAR! I'm going with a scoop because this shirt I plan on wearing to games and don't want the full deep Vneck.

I do want to make it look cute tho so I'm adding slits here but not actually removing fabric

Just stretch the slit and that'll be good enough

I'm also adding slits to the shoulder

Stretch out the slits just a bit

Now turn the shirt over and cut the middle of the back starting at the bottom

Then once you have 2 halves cut lines on each half like this (you can go as high on the shirt you want or all the way up if you want)

I'm just going a little up then tie the strings from one side with the strings from the other side

Like this! Remember the tighter you make it the tighter the shirt will be so this shirt originally was loose I was able to make it more snug

Here's the finished look!

My grandma is much better at this than I am but I am still pretty happy with how this turned out.

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  • Karen Karen on Feb 03, 2023

    I really like what you did to the back the best! I’m going to do that to my summer t’s. Thanks for the great idea, I can’t wait to get started!

    • Christina Christina on Feb 04, 2023

      It’s so easy! You’re going to love it and find it’s a great way to make shirts more fitted