Chanel Who? Make Your Own DIY Tweed Dress the Easy Way!

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by Wendy Herrera
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There's nothing like a timeless classic kind of print, and this tweed skirt has that Chanel classic vibe going on. I decided to transform this big ol' skirt into something chic and fitting; a DIY tweed dress. Thanks, Chanel, for the inspiration! In this sewing tutorial, I'm going to show you how to sew a tweed dress so that you will have this lovely fashion piece without having to pay the hefty price tag! I got this skirt from a thrift shop, and because it's a fashion item that's been around for decades, I'm pretty sure you can find the same at your local thrift store.

Tools and materials:

  • Oversized tweed skirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
DIY Chanel tweed dress

Measure yourself and pin accordingly

Flip the skirt inside out, and see what hardware and details it has. My skirt has a zipper which I'd like to keep. Next, pin your shape of the dress on your skirt, as shown. To see a more in-depth tutorial on how to create a fitted dress, watch the video here. I took my measurements and pinned the top, waist, and bottom parts. For my measurements, the top of my dress is 16 inches, my waist is 12.5 inches, and the end will be 18 inches. Once you have those points, you basically connect the dots, using a ruler for accuracy, of course.

tweed dress

I connected the dots by decreasing my ruler's measurements, using it in increments towards my waist. Once you reach the waistline, start increasing your measurements in increments until you get to the bottom portion of your dress. The size at the bottom depends on how flared out you want your dress to be.

Chanel tweed dress

Sew along the lines

Once your lines are measured and pinned, go ahead and sew along the pinned lines.

I used a zigzag stitch, but a straight stitch will also do. Also, I let the stitch trail off to have a wider bottom for a more flared look. 

Easy DIY tweed dress

Once you go ahead and sew your pattern, the hard part is over.

Basic DIY tweed dress

Cut your dress

Now for the fun part, take a pair of fabric scissors and cut the sides! What do we have here? A lovely dress!

How to make a tweed dress

Here's how it looked when turned the right side in. Ta-da!

How to sew a tweed dress

Add straps

Ok, Woah! Hold up! The dress isn't complete just yet. Now it's time to add some straps. I had some scraps from the original skirt, so I decided to use those. Cut both the fabric and the lining, as shown in the image.

Make a tweed dress

Next, flip the fabric on the lining so it's right facing. Next, sew two lines straight across the sides, one on both sides of each strap. 

Sew a tweed dress

After that's out the way, pin a line straight down the center of each fabric piece and cut it in half.

tweed dress tutorial

Now, sew the edges and tuck in each end's fabric as neatly as you can. 

Sew the two straps together

Next, take both edges from both straps and attach them, just like a "kiss."

Sew center manually; you can sew however you like; just make sure to line them up to one another.

Make sure there’s two straps

You should have two long straps.

Attach the straps

Attach the straps

Now, pin the straps to the dress, with each end on either side of the dress's bodice. Be sure to show the strap's neat area and not the "frayed tail" of the strap.

Be sure to pin the straps of the dress inside out, which will help you get everything in line and place.


It helps to wear the dress and pin where you want the straps.

Sew on the straps

When sewing on the straps, sew them on the very edge, as shown.

Cut off the fabric

Cut the excess fabric once everything is sewn in place. Flip your dress outside in and…. We are done!

Chic Chanel inspired tweed dress

I'm so obsessed! This is my favorite dress by far! How chic and classic does this look? Chanel, get out the way cause you've got competition! I love how easy it is to sew a basic DIY tweed dress from an oversized skirt. Also, it's a thrift flip, so it makes me feel way better than going out and spending a couple of hundred dollars. Also, this look can be dressed up or down, and it is exceptionally versatile for any season.

Suggested materials:
  • Oversized tweed skirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
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