How to Make Joggers With a Cut-Out Pattern in 6 Simple Steps

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Do you want to learn a quick way how to make joggers? I have you covered with this DIY joggers tutorial! It’s excellent for beginners, and the best part is, you don't even need a pattern.

I can’t wait for you to see the results, so let’s jump right into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Pants that fit you well
  • 2½ meters (2.73 yards) of stretch fabric
  • 1 yard different colored stretch fabric
  • Elastic
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
DIY joggers pattern

1. Make the DIY joggers pattern

Fold your pants in half and place them on your folded stretchy fabric. Be sure to put it on the fold, as shown. Trace around the pants and add a little seam allowance. Then, cut. 

Cut out the raw edge of the fabric, if necessary.

Place the pattern pieces together

Separate the layers and place the right and back pieces together, right sides touching. Then, pin from the waist until the crotch (the inner thigh seam). 

Cutting out the pattern

Now, use the first piece to cut out the second piece. 

Pinning the pant legs ready to sew

2. Assemble the DIY joggers

Now, we are getting to the fun part of sewing the joggers! Pin the crotch pieces on the second piece. Then, sew along with these pinned areas. 

Pinning the sides and inseams

Next, layer both sewn pieces right sides together. Make sure everything is aligned. Pin the side and in-seams and sew to secure. 

Measuring a waistband for the joggers

3. Make the waistband

Fold your second piece of fabric; it’s the printed piece in my case. Place your pant’s waistband on top, stretch it, and trace out the shape.

Waistband pattern piece

For reference, mine measured 8 inches X 17 inches. Next, pin the short ends and sew.

Measuring elastic around the waist

Measure the elastic around your waist. Make sure it fits snug, not too tight, and not too big. 

Sewing the short ends of the elastic together

Then, sew the short ends, as shown. 

Placing the elastic inside the waistband

Place the elastic in the middle section of the waistband. Fold the waistband’s fabric over so you create a tunnel-like structure. Then, pin the edges in place as well as the top edge. 

Pinning the waistband to the joggers

4. Attach the waistband

Turn the pants right sides out and attach the raw edge of the waistband to the top raw edge of the pants. Pin all around, as shown. Then sew to secure.

Making the cut-out shape

5. Make the pattern fabric

I'm adding a pattern piece to the side for extra detail.

To do this, fold your old pants in half and place them on your new DIY joggers. Then, trace out the shape you want and cut. Be sure to pin the legs, so the fabric doesn't move. 

Cutting out the shape in the joggers

Now, cut out the shape. I know this can be relatively stressful, but don’t worry, I have you covered! 

Using the cut-out piece as a pattern

Place the cut out piece on your folded printed fabric; make sure it’s placed on the fold as well. Cut around the shape. You should have two pieces, one for each leg. 

Pinning the cut-out pattern to the joggers

Pin each piece to the side of the legs, making sure the seams and shape align. Ensure that both fabric pieces are right sides in. Then, sew around the shape to secure. 

Making cuffs for the joggers

6. Make the bottom cuffs

Cut the bottoms of each leg. Place the first bottom cut-out on the second leg to make everything symmetrical. 

Sewing the short ends of the cuffs

Place the cut-out cuff on a folded piece of fabric. Double the measurement and cut out two pieces. Then, sew the short ends. 

Measuring the elastic for the cuffs

Measure your elastic around each cuff’s circumference and cut to size. 

Sewing the short ends of the elastic

Sew the short ends of the elastic. Then, place each elastic in the middle of each cuff, and sew the edges onto the bottom edges of each leg (it’s the same process as the waistband). 

How to make joggers

How to make joggers tutorial

What do you think of these stylish DIY joggers? Let me know in the comments below! You can also see how I made the matching crop top in my other tutorial.

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you learned a trick or two in this tutorial so that you can make your own joggers with confidence and ease.

Suggested materials:
  • Pants that fit you well
  • 2½ meters (2.73 yards) of stretch fabric
  • 1 yard different colored stretch fabric
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