How to Style Pink Outfits: 10 Looks to Get You in the Mood for Spring

Shirley Yu
by Shirley Yu

My favorite color is pink, and here I’m going to show you how to put together pink outfits for the spring. So, if you are a lover of pink like me, or you just want to switch up some color for the spring, you have arrived at the right place.

We’re going to start by looking at outfits for colder days and then move towards outfits you can wear on warmer spring days.

Pink sweater with jeans

1. Pink sweater with jeans

Matching a pink sweater with darker jeans will have a nice contrast to the overall look.

For a jacket, I’m going for a lighter pink coat because my sweater is a darker pink, but if you go for a light pink sweater, go with a jacket that is a darker pink.

You want to create some contrast between the two shades in your outfit.

Pink sweater with jeans and a pink belt

2. Add a pink belt

In the second look, I’m wearing a pink sweater shirt that has beautiful floral detail around the collar. I added a belt to accentuate my waistline because I don’t like baggy or loose tops.

Pink sweater with jeans and a trench coat

3. Wear a trench coat

If you don’t have a pink belt, no worries, gold will also do the trick. Something thin like the one I’m wearing here will be perfect for this look.

As I mentioned before, if you’re wearing a light color as your base, choose a darker color for your outerwear piece.

Pink sweater with a floral skirt

4. Combine pink with florals

Here, I’ve changed the jeans to a long floral skirt. Wearing jeans all the time can be kind of boring, and this pink and white floral skirt matches the spring vibes.

Cute brown and pink outfit

5. Pink & brown

Here, I’ve styled the outfit with the same gold belt just for an extra pop of color, and finally, you can complete the look with the coat or jacket of your choice.

I like how this jacket is a brownish pink with quite a low saturation. While it still is pink, it’s also a somewhat neutral shade, making it easy to style with lots of different outfits.

Easy pink outfit ideas for spring

6. Pop of pink

For those that can’t stand all pink, you can choose a sweater that has pink mixed with other colors. This sweater is very casual and easy to style.

Pink spring wear

7. Accessorize with pink

Here I’ve added a scarf for two reasons. The first is to keep my neck warm since the sweater has a wide v-neck, and the second is to match with the trench coat for a high-fashion look.

Cute spring outfits with pink

8. Warm-weather pink outfit

Moving into warmer days, I like to wear sleeveless outfits. Here I’m wearing a sleeveless dress but if it gets too chilly, you can top it with a jacket just like what I’m doing.

A cute little pink purse in a similar but not identical shade to the jacket is the cherry on the cake for this look.

Floral pink dress with a dark denim jacket

9. Light pink with dark denim

If the weather isn’t too cold or too warm, you can go for a lighter fabric like this light denim that I’m wearing. Instead of choosing pink again, I’m choosing a darker jacket to contrast my dress.

How to style pink outfits for spring

10. One-and-done pink dress

The last outfit has to be the easiest. Here I’m just wearing a gorgeous pink dress that resembles a double-breasted blazer.

This is a one-and-done outfit that looks beautiful; when you have a great dress like this, it does all the work for you.

How to style pink outfits for spring

I hope you enjoyed the pink outfits that I put together for spring.

Whether pink is your favorite color and you want to go all-out, or you prefer something a little bit more subtle and toned down, there is a way you can style pink this season to make it fit with your personal style. 

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