Prevent Aging With This AMAZING Face Mask DIY

by Shikha

Are you noticing early signs of aging in your face? No need to run for botox right away, there's plenty of natural remedies you can try. Remember to drink more water, put on your sunscreen and try this DIY!

You will need the following for this DIY:

  • an old gum wrapper
  • pomegranate powder
  • wild turmeric
  • aloe vera gel
  • rose water

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Like I said, save your next gum container and wash it out. Really it doesn't have to be a gum container you just want something like this as your mold. This is easy to find and cheap to buy and reusing something you would normally trash hence why I suggested it.

Next add 1/2 spoon of pomegranate powder

A pinch of wild turmeric

1/2 spoon of aloe vera gel. For this you can buy some aloe gel or use plant extract if you have it growing in your garden, totally up to you.

Add a splash of rose water

Mix all of the ingredients together until everything is nice and thick

Pour everything into your mold

Put it in your freezer for 4-5 hours (they stay good in there for about 2 weeks)

Once they're ready pop out one little square (one square is more than enough to cover your face)

Wipe it all over your face like this

Leave it on for 15 minutes then wash your face

WOW! That was so easy and it prevents early signs of aging and helps with acne.

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  • Trudy Trudy on Jan 20, 2023

    Great idea using gum wrapper as a mold! So many things could be put in these molds. Lip gloss, eye shadow, homemade lipstick. Now to find a snap case it would fit in, lol.

  • Deena Panjabi Deena Panjabi on Feb 02, 2023

    Awesome. Will try it