Pull All Your Hair Back for Your Next Workout With This Hairstyle

3 Materials
5 Minutes

Here, I’m going to share with you a hairstyle that is great for the gym because it gets all the hair away from your face.

As well as being practical, it is also stylish because I still want to look good when I’m working out.

Tools and materials:

  • Tail comb
  • Hair elastics
  • Hairbrush
Separating hair

1. Separate hair

Start by separating off a square section of hair at the front of your hair like so. Use a tail comb to ensure that you get neat lines.

Tying hair

2. Tie section

Tie that section of hair with an elastic.

Tying hair

3. Tie half ponytail on side

Divide the ponytail that you just made in half, then take half of the hair, combine it with more hair towards the side of your hair, and tie another half ponytail.

Tying hair

4. Repeat

Repeat this on the other side.

Tying hair

5. Tie sections together

Join those two sections together and tie a fourth ponytail.

Brushing hair

6. Brush hair

Now brush your hair back on either side.

Creating low bun

7. Create bun

Lastly, tie your hair as if you were tying a ponytail, but don’t pull it all the way through so that it creates a bun.

Unique bun hairdo

Unique bun hairdo

Here is the finished hairstyle, and I think it is the perfect gym look because all of the hair is out of my eyes and away from my face.

The bun is nice and secure, so it won't be bobbing about as I work out - you can also add some bobby pins if needed.

Give this a go for yourself, and let me know what you think!

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Suggested materials:
  • Tail comb
  • Hair elastics
  • Hairbrush

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