How to Do a Purple Smokey Eye For a Glam Spring-Summer Look

Tanya Cheban
by Tanya Cheban
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Hey, guys! Today I’m going to be doing a purple smokey eye and luminous skin tutorial for you. This is one of my most requested looks, and this purple smokey eye makeup is the perfect look for a summer or spring night out. It’s dramatic, luminous, and glowy! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Primer
  • Purple eyeshadow palette
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • False lashes
  • Cream shadow
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
  • Finishing powder
  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Lipgloss
  • Beauty blender
Applying primer to the face

1. Prime your face

Start by priming your face with a nourishing primer. Primer will make your skin feel really soft and help prepare for foundation.

Priming the eyes

2. Prime your eyes

Next, prime your eyes with an eye primer or a blendable cream shadow.

Using white eyeshadow to set the cream shadow

Then, use a simple white shadow to set. If you have trouble blending your eyeshadows or they get patchy, try setting your base with a neutral shade first.

Blending a peach eyeshadow in the crease

3. Place a peach eyeshadow into your crease and blend

Next, I’m taking a peach eyeshadow and I’m placing that into my crease and using a fluffy brush to blend it out.

The orange shadow really complements the purple shadow. The two colors make my green eyes pop while adding a lot of warmth.

Step-by-step purple smokey eye

4. Apply a purple-brown transition shadow

Next, use a brown transition shadow with a purple undertone and apply it to the crease and outer corners of your eyes.

Focus on the lower part of your eye and then flick it outwards to elongate your eye shape. Use circular motions and go back and forth until you have no harsh lines.

How to do purple smokey eye makeup

5. Add a purple shadow

Take a deep, purple wine-colored shadow and start by pressing it into the outer corner of your eye.

You want this color to be very pigmented, but also look a bit faint and dull looking, so take it all over your eye except the center of the lid.

As you’re blending, extend it outwards to get a cat-eye effect.

How to do a purple smokey eye

6. Add a metallic shadow

Use a metallic plum shade on the outer corner of your eyes and use circular motions to buff out the edges.

Dramatic purple smokey eye

7. Add a pop of color

Now take a deep purple color and add it to your eye for a bit more color. Blend until there are no harsh lines.

Adding a yellow-toned neutral eyeshadow to highlight

8. Add a neutral tone to highlight

Now take a neutral eyeshadow with a yellow undertone for highlighting. Apply to your brow bone and the center of your lid to clean up the look. 

Purple smokey eye tutorial

9. Touch up eyeshadow

If your eyeshadow is losing pigmentation from over blending, go back and re-add color. 

Lining eyes with eyeliner

10. Line your eyes

Gently add a very thin line of eyeliner to define your eyes and hide the band of falsies. You can also add a purple shade over the liner so it looks softer and diffused.

Adding mascara to upper lashes

11. Add mascara

Add mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

Applying false eyelashes

12. Apply false lashes

Add full and wispy eyelashes.

Color correcting under the eyes with a peach tone

13. Color correct

Use a peach shade from a cream palette to correct your under-eye circles.

Applying foundation with a kabuki brush

14. Apply foundation

Take a stiff kabuki brush and press the foundation into your skin. Use circular motions to buff it out.

Adding concealer under eyes with fingers

15. Add concealer

Apply a bit of concealer under your eyes, the center of your face, and around your nose.

Baking under the eyes with powder

16. Bake

Pack in a baking powder with a beauty blender to ensure there’s no creasing and the makeup lasts all day. Go over it with a finishing powder and brush off any extra baking powder.

Applying eyeshadow under the lashes

17. Apply shadow underneath your lashes

Reuse the peach and purple shadows from before and brush underneath your lash. 

Applying black gel eyeliner

18. Apply gel liner

Apply black gel eyeliner to your waterline. Use a purple shadow to smoke out the liner.

Applying mascara to lower lashes

19. Apply mascara

Apply mascara to your lower lashes.

Applying highlighter to the inner corners of eyes

20. Apply highlighter

Apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes

Applying bronzer to add color to the face

21. Apply bronzer

Use a duo fiber brush to apply bronzer to your skin to add color.

Contouring cheekbones with bronzer

22. Contour

Use bronzer to contour your cheekbones.

Applying finishing powder under the contour

Use a finishing powder to clean up underneath your contour. After 30 seconds, use a fluffy powder brush to dust off the extra powder.

23. Add blush

Use a medium-pink shade and apply to the apple of your cheeks with a fluffy brush.

Applying lipgloss and lipstick

24. Apply lipstick and lipgloss

For lipstick, I chose a nude color. For gloss, I’m using a gold lipgloss for a juicy, nude lip.

Placing highlight on top of the cheekbones

25. Highlight

For the final step, pack on a highlighter right on top of your cheekbone and nose.

Purple smokey eye

Here’s the finished purple smokey eye makeup look!

Purple smokey eye tutorial

That’s my step-by-step purple smokey eye makeup tutorial! If you guys decide to try it out, let me know how it goes down below! Thanks for joining.

Products used:

  • Makeup Forever Nourishing Primer 
  • MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot 
  • MUG Eyeshadows - White Lies, Peach Smoothie 
  • Unique Pro Cosmetics Shadows - Fresh Berries, Mocha 
  • MAC Eyeshadows - Haux 
  • ABH Self Made Eyeshadow Pallet 
  • Maybelline Infalliable Gel Eyeliner 
  • MAC Extended Play Gigablack Mascara 
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Farah 
  • Makeup Forever Hd Stick Foundation 123 
  • Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Contour Kit 
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder 
  • Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powders - 120 & 128 
  • Physicians Formula Bronze Booster - Light to Medium 
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
  • Almay Smartshade Finishing Loose Powder - Light 
  • MAC Blush Mocha 
  • MAC Soft N Gentle 
  • MAC Creme De Nude 
  • MAC Lipgloss Instant Gold 
Suggested materials:
  • Primer
  • Purple eyeshadow palette
  • Makeup brushes
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