Sherbet Lemon & Bubblegum Exfoliating Hearts

3 Materials
2 Hours

Hi everyone.

We all want glowing skin for spring an summer this recipe is a lovely combination in aromas.

All you need is your soap base.

Essential Oil's of your choice. Himalayan salt.

An you can make your own unique exfoliating smelly soap.

Making it more unique I used a two jug technique to pour my melt an pour base soap to mix the colers together making it a combination of colour and beautiful scent.

Below are my ingredients

*Two heart moulds

*Mixing spoon

*essential oils

*isopropyl alcohol

*melt and pour crystal soap base

*heatproof jug


*Heat Phomater

*Himalayan salt

Start by chopping 500grams of melt an pour base soap.

I pour hot water into my pan on a mid heat

Letting it melt in the jug just like chocolate.

I need two jugs full so I repeat this.

So 250gms in each jug I use

My 1st jug above I added soap colour and made it yellow.

I added 50drops of bubblegum.

Melt down the next jug of soap base.

I added blue for colour and sherbet lemon, 20drops

Now I added a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to each jug. Mixing throughly.

I add my oils at 135c 40f

It will evaporate if any higher an you will just waste your oils

Securing my mould so they dont pour out from the bottom.

*Tricky part.

*I pick both jugs up an pour together into the moulds, slowly letting the mix run slowly an mixing together.

I could not get a picture of this sorry.

So after you have poured them both you should have something like below.

Spay a spritz of isopropyl alcohol to prevent bubbles.

I sprinkle just a little bit of salt on top while still warm for decor as the Himalayan salt is throughout the base.

Think they look lovley

They smell amazing

Leave them in a cool place to set.

Once set remove your soap

An admire the smell and unusual colours

With little bits of excess soap base I just put into a cupcake paper holder.

Just filling with bits i had left over.

It's in the pic below

lovely unique soap hope you try this it's very easy an very worthwhile.

Keeping our skin glowing for summer.

Sherbet lemon with bubblegum smells beautiful combined together.

Himalayan salt leaves the skin feeling very soft.

As a exfoliating soap I do like this.

The cake soap turned out looking nice.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

Suggested materials:
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  • Soap colour   (Amazon)
  • Essential Oil's   (Amazon)

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