DIY Painted Boots and Upstyling a Basic Pink and Navy Outfit

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2 Days

Don't have the right color shoes? It's easy to paint a pair to match exactly what you need. I will also show you how I upstyled an $11 thrifted pink and navy outfit.

Spring is right around the corner but it's still chilly here. For this upstyled outfit I needed a very dark pair of navy boots. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find the right color. I had painted a pair of blue boots in the past but they too were not the right shade. I decided to paint a pair of black boots to get the look I wanted.

I purchased these black $45 JLO Adalynn boots from eBay. I already had the exact pair and love them. They are stylish and comfortable. I purchased Angleaus leather paint and finisher remover from Amazon. Regular acrylic paint will crack. You want to make sure to use paint that is specific for shoes. **Also, don't try this on a new pair for your first time, practice with old pairs to make sure you like how it turns out. Like any shoe, they will scratch/scuff with excessive use and wear but it's an easy touch up with more paint.

To clean and prep them for paint, use the finish remover by going over the entire shoe with a paid or cloth, make sure all the glossy finish looks more on the dull side, and let them dry thoroughly.

To get the dark navy color, I mixed a little blue with a larger amount of black. The amount on this plate did both boots with quite a bit left over. It's better to have too much than not enough, you want to make sure booth boots have the exact color painted on them.

Turning the boot upside down with your hand inside, paint the lower half of the boot only to where it meets the shaft seam, painting the heel and getting as close to the sole as possible. Paint the entire boot, not loading too much paint on the brush.

Set the boot down gently near good light to make sure you didn't miss any spots. Since the color I wanted was almost black, it only took one coat to cover it.

You apply Angelus protective finish the same way you painted them. it's available n matte, satin, or gloss. Facing the photo, the before black boot is on the left side and the blue on the right. I let them dry 2 days before wearing them.

The color is exactly what I wanted. I wish I would have just done this sooner, it is such an easy project.

For the outfit, I bought this $7 sweater and $4 houndstooth skirt from Goodwill. It's a cute outfit but to upstyle it we just need to add a few accessories!

Adding a silk scarf, my new boots, and a navy quilted chain purse give the outfit some life.

Adding a $5 vintage longline blazer and a navy fedora with a chain band gives it a little style!

Adding a vintage multi-strand belt gives the waist definition and breaks up the sea of blue when it's buttoned.

The chain accents in the hat band, belt and purse strap all create a matching look for very different pieces.

The extra detail pieces create my style, which tends to be on the glam side and a little bold, it's certainly not for everyone but thats the great thing about fashion, there is something for every taste. Layering is your fashion friend when the weather is fickle, but you can create each layer to be ab outfit you love to wear.



Suggested materials:
  • Boots   (eBay)
  • Leather paint & finisher   (Amazon)

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