How I Made Plain White Shoes Into Mickey & Minnie Mouse Inspired Kicks

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Last year when we went to Disney World for a week, I went all out with DIY and cute outfit ensembles. I made custom Mickey and Minnie shoes for myself and decide to make some for the bean for our next trip to share the details!

I got white fabric shoes from Walmart for $5 and fabric paint.

I stared by tracing the top of Mickey's head on one shoe and Minnie's with a bow on the other with a pencil. I used something circular to get the circle just right. For the head I used a candle jar and for the ears a bottle cap, you can use anything with a round shape really.

Then with the black paint and a paint brush, I filled in the stencil. I put a glob of paint in the middle and just filled it in with the brush. I felt like the brush gave me the most control.

I did the same for the Minnie shoe but went around the bow. Finally, I washed the brush and used the red paint to fill in the bow.

How cute are these matching kicks for me and the little?

I guess I know what we will be wearing for our next trip! Maybe I should start planning :) :)

This was a picture from our 2019 trip, I should try to recreate it with both of our feet for the 2021 trip!

Suggested materials:
  • White shoes   (Walmart)
  • Fabric paint   (Michael's)

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