Taking Boring Sneakers From Plain to Insane!

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily

I had these sneakers that were fine but nothing special. They were similar to a bunch of other boring sneakers I had, so I decided to make them AMAZING!

I got some paper flowers from Michael's and Mod Podge. I also got some fake butterflies that I thought would look cute with the colors. I was going with a rustic casual look.

Using a paint brush, I applied each cardboard flower to the shoe with the Mod Podge. From experience, Mod Podge is the best glue for many projects because it dries clear and does not become super hard. With shoes, you want some movement in the glue so it doesn't change the shape or make it crack.

I used the glue pretty liberally since it dries clear and I wanted the flowers to stick on well.

I then added some more flowers on top to give some dimension.

Finally I pinned the butterflies through the top shoe lace.

I let the Mod Podge dry until the next day and these puppies were ready to roll!

I think they came out so adorable!

I want to make another pair for the mini me! She's already stolen the butterflies as he toys icon

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