Easy Paper Bag Waist

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
2 Materials
30 Minutes

I wanted a new pair of shorts with a paper bag style waist. I didn't have any and I thought of an easy way to make them for myself. You can do it too.

I started with these jeans from an actual Grandma. (My mom. Thanks Mom!) They are made of a stretch denim and they have an elastic waist. They are a little big on me. You need a pair that is a bit big to get the gathering at the waist and the loose fit that looks like a paper bag.

You could leave these jeans as full length jeans if you want to. I wanted shorts because it is very hot where I live. I cut these jeans to a good length for shorts and then hemmed the cut edges so they would look nicely finished. You can make whatever works best for you.

I used a ribbon as a belt and stitched it on the back of the jeans at the right height to pull in the waistband. You could use a belt for this but it might slip and move around. I wanted the ribbon so I could stitch through it in a few places to keep it in place. You can do this by hand in the back and on the sides if you want to make the belt more secure.

I like the stretch of this denim material and the ribbon can be washed along with the shorts. The stretch of the denim and the adjustable tie belt make these shorts are sure to fit, even if I gain or loose a few pounds. Thanks for reading along, I hope you can try this fun idea for yourself soon.


Suggested materials:
  • Grandma's Jeans   (Grandma's Closet/Thrift Store)
  • Ribbon   (Craft/Fabric Store)

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