The 5 Biggest & Most Common Skincare Mistakes

Irina Reina
by Irina Reina

Hi, everyone. Let’s talk about the five biggest skincare mistakes that can completely change your skin. Let’s get started.

Using tissues on the face

Skincare mistake 1: Reusing towels

The first skincare mistake to avoid is to never, ever use the same towel for your body and your face. Always make sure you’re using a separate towel. There’s a lot of bacteria in towels just in general and you don’t want that bacteria on your face.

The biggest percentage of our face problems and the cause of our breakouts is because we’re not cleaning our skin completely and keeping it clean. Instead, we’re using something bad or dirty on our skin.

If you use the same towel that you’re using for your body on your face, you’re transferring all of that bacteria to your face and keeping it in the wet towel. Wet towels are the biggest bacteria house - especially in the bathroom.

I haven't used towels on my face for more than six years. Instead, I use box tissues. You can just use one on your face and throw it away - it’s so much easier and much more comfortable. You can also have separate towels for your face, but always use fresh towels and renew them after use. 

Touching your face is a skincare mistake

Skincare mistake 2: Touching your face

Never, ever, ever touch your face with dirty hands! Make sure when you’re touching your face that your hands are clean. Use hand sanitizer or wet wipes, but make sure your hands are clean.

I see people always opening doors and touching everything in public, and then they scratch pimples and touch their faces! Never do this, because that’s bringing new bacteria to your face and can cause new breakouts.

Even if you already have pimples, touching your face with dirty hands is going to make the situation worse. Additionally, never touch your pimples - stop trying to pump and squeeze them. It’s just really painful and can easily leave scars on your face. 

Using acids on the face without sunscreen

Skincare mistake 3: Using acids without sunscreen

This is a skincare routine mistake, and it’s huge. Using acids (or any kind of exfoliation) and not applying sunscreen. Most people who use acids know they need to apply sunscreen, but a lot either don’t like sunscreen because of the white cast, the smell, or because it makes them break out.

I understand why you wouldn’t want to apply sunscreen because I’m also not a huge fan of it, but if you’re going outside and not planning to apply sunscreen, don’t use acids or other sensitive products.

Otherwise, this is going to bring a lot of pigmentation to your face. Make sure after exfoliating and using acids, to always use sunscreen.

Removing makeup before going to sleep

Skincare mistake 4: Cleaning makeup

I thought that in 2022, everyone should know by now that sleeping with makeup is really bad for you and can destroy your skin, but sometimes I meet people that try to cheat a little bit.

They wash their face with soap but leave a lot of makeup like foundation or makeup around the eyes. If you clean just a little bit of your makeup, it doesn’t count and your skin is still in danger.

Don’t clean your face halfway, because remember, you’re doing this for yourself and for your skin to be nice and healthy. Always clean completely. The best way to clean your skin is to cleanse for 60 seconds. Always go to bed with a clean face.

The biggest skincare mistakes

Skincare mistake 5: Not changing your pillowcases

This is a common skincare mistake, and even one I can’t avoid because I’m traveling right now, but you need to change your pillowcase really often. This is your bacteria house number two, after a towel.

You spend more than eight hours a day on your pillow and you rub your face around on it. Imagine how much bacteria is on the pillowcase. A lot of people say to change your pillowcase once a week, but I recommend changing it at least every day, but it’s best to change it every day. 

Skincare mistakes

These are the five biggest skincare mistakes to avoid. Now that you know them, you can avoid them and continue your journey to beautiful skin! Let me know what you think about these tips down below.

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  • Carolyn Carolyn on Sep 07, 2022

    I agree! I've been following these almost my entire life. (I'll be 53 next month) I want to add -get a silk pillowcase for Sally Beauty. Your skin will glide across it when you turn over and it doesn't "grab and hold" like a cotton pillowcase.