Learn How to Make a Button-up A-Line Skirt From Jeans.

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Nothing beats a classic, denim a-line skirt! Rather than search for one in the store, I decided to create my own from nothing but a few pairs of old jeans I had in my closet. If you are ready to learn how to make this stunning closet essential, then follow my step-by-step tutorial and learn all the tips and tricks to making this flawless piece! I am so in love with the end result! This skirt is so easy to make and can be styled with pretty much anything! Jump on board and get started on making your own amazing a-line, button-up skirt!

Tools and Materials:

  • Sewing machine
  • 4 Pairs of jeans
  • Measuring tape
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
DIY button-up skirt

Cut the jeans

To get started on this amazing skirt, measure the leg of a pair of jeans to the length you want your new skirt to be. Once you are comfortable with the length, cut the leg at your marking, leaving some seam allowance. Use your cut leg as a pattern to measure and cut the 3 other legs.

Open the legs

Next, open up the 4 legs. If you are patient enough, use a seam ripper. I used scissors and it did the trick! Once your legs are open, make sure to cut out all the firm edges around the fabric. This will leave you with a stunning, flowy skirt! 

Connect the edges

Sew the legs together

Finally, you can start connecting the pieces. Iron all the pieces so that the fabric is flat. Once your fabric has been ironed, pin all the sides together.

DIY a-line skirt

Once your pins are in place, you can move over to the sewing machine and connect the pieces with a simple straight stitch. 

Make a hem

Now that your pieces are sewed together, create a hem at the bottom of the skirt. A great tip, when working with denim, is to iron the hem as you pin it to make things a little easier. Once the hem has been pinned, stitch it closed. Repeat the hemming process on the two sides of the skirt fabric. 

Mark the jeans

Make a waistband

To create an awesome waistband detail on your skirt, mark the extra fabric on the jeans. Make sure to measure your waist and then cut four identical pieces big enough to form the waistband. With your four equal pieces of fabric at the ready, move back to your sewing machine and connect them. 

Add yarn

It’s time to add the waistband to the skirt! Before you attach it, sew two pieces of yarn onto the top of the skirt using a zig-zag stitch. The yarn will be inside the stitch, but not stuck in it. 

Gather the fabric

Knot together two ends of the yarn. Now you can easily pull the other side of the yarn, gathering the fabric as you do. Once you have this first section gathered, repeat this step on the rest of your skirt. The gathering under the waistband adds so much to this a-line skirt! 

Sew on the waistband

When your gathering is complete, add the waistband. Place the waistband on the fabric with the right side facing down. Pin it in place and then sew a straight stitch to connect it to the skirt. 

Remove the yarn

Now that your waistband is connected and you have created an awesome gathering on your skirt it is time to remove the yarn from the inside of the skirt. Once you have removed the yarn, fold over the sides of the waistband and sew it. This will ensure a beautiful finish to your skirt! 

Fold the waistband

Fold your waistband twice over to perfect this gorgeous detail on your skirt. It’s time to introduce the waistband to your sewing machine!

Measure your waist

Measure the skirt

Next, hold your skirt around your waist to mark the exact spot where it will open. This is your piece so make sure you feel comfortable in it! 

Add buttons

Add buttons

Once you have the measurements, mark five spots on the skirt for your buttons. I made markings 10 cm apart but feel free to add more buttons if you like. Place the buttons on your markings and sew them on! 

Mark buttonholes

Now that your buttons are on you need to make the buttonholes! Mark the lines directly above your buttons and then open up the holes using scissors. Sew around the edges of the holes to keep the fabric from unraveling. 

Button-up a-line skirt

I adore how this skirt turned out! What shirt would you style it with? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Sewing machine
  • Jeans
  • Measuring tape
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