DIY Mini Skirt From a Pillow Case

Julia Rafael
by Julia Rafael
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Originally, I was planning on making a pleated skirt out of the duvet cover from my plaid bedding set. But it turns out my boyfriend took the duvet cover on a trip with him, and it never made it home. The pillowcase was the only piece left from the set, so I decided to give it a new life as a pencil skirt. Follow along to see the transformation.

Tools and materials:

  • Pillowcase
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Zipper
  • Button
  • Buttonhole presser foot (optional)
  • Zipper foot (optional)
  • Sewing machine
Make a DIY mini skirt

How to make a DIY mini skirt

Rip the seams

To begin, I opened the seams of the pillowcase so I was left with one long rectangle measuring 136 x 47 centimeters (53½ x 18½ inches).

Sew a DIY mini skirt


I cut a strip of fabric 7 centimeters (2¾ inches) in width to use later as a waistband.

How to sew a DIY mini skirt

Measure, mark, and cut

I took my hip measurement and added 2 centimeters (¾ of an inch) for seam allowance, and then used that number to mark and cut the fabric to the proper length. 

DIY mini skirt tutorial


Then I sewed down the raw edges, which will be the back seam of the skirt. 


I used a skirt I already owned to trace the curve from the waistline to the hip on either side of my skirt. The skirt I used was elastic, so I aligned one side of the skirt with the side of my fabric, and traced the top of the skirt from the hip to the waist.


Then I sewed along the lines I had drawn. I left the excess fabric in case I made a mistake and needed to unpick my stitches, but feel free to cut the excess fabric from the waistline once you’ve sewn it down. 

Attach zipper

I ironed open the back seam and pinned the zipper to the seam allowance. 

I sewed it down using the zipper foot on my sewing machine to make things easier on myself. 

Rip the seam

Once the zipper was sewn in place, I ripped the back seam, exposing the zipper. 

Fold and press

I folded 1 centimeter (½ an inch) in on either side of my waistband and ironed the fold in place. 

Then I folded it in half lengthwise and ironed it flat. 

Pin and sew

I folded the short edge of the waistband to hide the raw edge and pinned it so the fold was aligned with the zipper seam. Then, I pinned the rest of the waistband all the way around the top edge of the skirt and sewed everything down. 

I folded the waistband down over the top edge of the skirt, and pinned and sewed it down. I should have “stitched in the ditch” when sewing down this side of the waistband, but I did not. So there are two visible lines of stitching around the seam of my waistband. 

At this point, I tried on my skirt, and saw that it was a bit too big, and needed to be taken in. I made sure the measurements on both sides of the zipper were even, and then remarked and resewed the sides with the new measurements. 

Add button and buttonhole

Finally, I sewed a button onto the waistband and used a buttonhole presser foot to mark and sew in the buttonhole. 

Cut slits

Finally, I cut two small slits in the front of the skirt, folded the edges in, and sewed them down. 

And it was done. I think it came out pretty cute! 

If you make a DIY mini skirt using my tutorial, I would love to see your results!


Suggested materials:
  • Pillowcase
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
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