The Secret to Sewing a Haute Couture Skirt in 45 Minutes!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
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45 Minutes

Can You Sew a Skirt that Looks Haute Couture in 45 Minutes?

In 5 Easy Steps??? Yes! With these Magic Words – FRENCH SEAMS!

I am So Excited to Show You How Easy this Is. And the Results are Spectacular. Make a Creation that You’ll Be Excited to Wear!

What You Need: One Simple Skirt Pattern. 4 Fabulous Yards of Fabric. Scissors. Thread. Elastic. Sewing Machine. Choose a Very Simple Pattern. One Pattern Piece Cut 4 Times for the Front and Back.

In 5 Steps! Ready? Go!!

Step One: With a Simple Pattern, CUT THE FABRIC (10 Minutes).


Cut the Fabric with a simple pattern piece into 4 Equal Pieces.

Two for the Front. Two for the Back.

Step Two: SEW THE FRENCH SEAMS (20 Minutes). Here’s the TRICK(!)


My Go-To Machine - Singer Sewing Machine. Amazon LINK.

Gutermann Cotton Thread. Amazon LINK.

With a Scissors, Trim the Raw Edge up to the Sewn Seam 1/8 inch (3mm). Get as close as you can without cutting the threads.

Toss the Cut Strips.

Fiskar Sewing Scissors. Amazon LINK.

Now Flip the Fabric with WRONG SIDES FACING OUT. 

Sew the Seam AGAIN – about 1/4 Inch from Fold.

You will have a Clean – no raggedy edge – Seam.

Do this for all the Seams.

Congratulations! You Have Mastered FRENCH SEAMS!

Step Three: Sew the Side Seams to Connect Front to Back (5 Minutes). 

You NOW have a 4- Piece Very Full Tube.

Almost Done.

Step Four: Sew the Bottom Hem (5 Minutes). 

Slip the Tube Over Your Head and Measure the Length.

It’s Your Creation…Make it as Long or as Short as You Want.

Fold Over the Raw Edge.

Pin and Sew.

This is the Hem.

Step Five: Sew the Top Waist Band (5 Minutes). 

Fold Over the Top Edge to Create a Channel for the Elastic. Sew…But Leave a Little Opening to Insert the Elastic.

Put a Safety Pin on the End of the Elastic and Feed through the Waist Tube.

Sew Elastic Ends Together.

Sew up the Fabric Opening. Now You Have a Waist Band on a Flowy, Full Skirt.

45 Minutes. Done! Mon Amour!

icon Find Wool Tartan Fabric on Amazon. LINK.

1 -2 -3 DONE!

Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Wool Tartan Fabric   (Amazon)
  • Singer Sewing Machine   (Amazon)
  • Cotton Thread - Gutermann   (Amazon)
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Doodle T and Me!
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  • LorriLJ LorriLJ on Feb 15, 2021

    Beautiful job! Looks so sharp and yet comfortable.

  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Feb 16, 2021

    Hi Lorri - thanks for your lovely comment - Yes, this is comfortable...if you have to wear a skirt, at least let it be comfortable and feel like a warm hug (!)