Sparkly Snowflake Nail Polish Art: How to Draw a Snowflake on a Nail

by ImGirlYouDontKnow
5 Materials
30 Minutes

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique nail decoration idea for the holidays, then this glitter snowflake nail polish tutorial is just the thing for you!

Follow the instructions to learn how to draw a freehand snowflake on your nails and you can show off the most glamorous hands at any Christmas party!

Tools and materials:

  • Rose-purple nail polish
  • Glitter holographic nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Nail polish top coat
  • Crystal nail decorations
Applying rose-purple nail polish to nails

1. Apply base nail color

Apply two coats of rose-purple nail polish to your manicured nails. Make sure this base color is applied very evenly, and let it dry a bit, but not completely.

How to do glitter snowflake nails

2. Add the holographic polish

Apply one coat of holographic pink-purple glitter nail polish to your middle finger and your pinky finger. You are only going to put the freehand snowflake on your middle finger. but adding the holographic polish to your pinky finger as well helps to balance out your hand.

Let the polish dry a bit.

How to draw a snowflake on a nail

3. How to draw a snowflake on a nail

Using white nail polish and your middle finger with the holographic nail polish already on it, paint a thin vertical line down the center of your nail. Start and end the line a bit in from the nail bed and nail tip.

How to make a nail art snowflake

Now paint a horizontal white line across the center of your nail.

Snowflake nail tutorial

Add 2 diagonal lines through the midpoint of the vertical and horizontal lines.

Drawing a white snowflake on the nail

At both the bottom and top of the vertical line, add two small diagonal lines.

How to freehand draw a snowflake

At both ends of the horizontal line, also make two small diagonal lines.

Simple snowflake nails

Add two more small diagonal lines at each end of the long diagonal lines to complete the snowflake.

Adding glitter in the center of the snowflake

Finish with a dot of holographic nail polish right in the center of the snowflake.

Applying a clear top coat of nail polish

4. Seal with a top coat

Add one coat of clear top coat polish to your snowflake nail and pinky nail.

Applying a matte top coat of nail polish

Apply a matte top coat to your plain rose-purple nails.

Applying crystals to the nail bed

5. Decorate your pointer and ring-finger nails

Now, add crystals to your solid rose-purple nails, using more matte top coat as the glue to hold the crystals in place.

Snowflake nail polish design

Snowflake nail polish tutorial

You’re all done and now you have the most gorgeous Christmas nails ever! Yes, you just might want to go buy a new Christmas outfit to match these stunning nails. Go for it and let me know how your glitter snowflake nails enhanced your total Christmas party look! 

Suggested materials:
  • Rose-pink nail polish
  • Glitter holographic nail polish
  • White nail polish
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