How to Make a Sexy & Sparkly DIY Spider Web Costume for Halloween

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In this tutorial, I'll be sharing a spider web costume DIY perfect for Halloween! Making this spider web costume is pretty simple, and the best part is that it’s a no-sew. All you need is some bling, a glue gun, a corset top, and some mesh fabric.

Page down to see how I make this sexy homemade spider web costume that will leave you looking elegant yet playful.

Tools and materials:

  • Black corset top
  • Thin crystal trim
  • Thick crystal trim
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue
  • Syringe
  • Brush
  • Black paint
  • Mesh top with rhinestones (optional)
Prepping glue for the spider web costume DIY

1. Prep the glue

The first thing you’re going to do is fill up a precision syringe with your glue of choice. Fill about half of the syringe, as you’ll need less than you think. 

Gluing the crystal trim to the corset

2. Glue the thick crystal trim

Now, line the upper seam of your corset with glue. 

How to make a spider web costume

Push the thick crystal trim down on the glue. The precision syringe is vital since it will spread evenly and not seep through the sides when you push down on the trim. 

Gluing along the upper seam

Continue doing this on the entire upper seam, as shown. 

Carefully place the trim on the curved edges

When you get to the curved edges of the corset, a thick trim is not flexible enough to bend around the edges, so doing it in two pieces is the trick. 

Making a spider web witch costume

3. Make the spider web

Now, it’s time to make the spider web design on the bust cups. You can eyeball it by drawing the design with a pencil. Then, glue down the pieces accordingly. Start by creating an even “X” shape. 

Homemade spider web costume

How to make an easy spider web costume

For every piece you glue around the bottom half of the cup, cut the trim further down, so you have a lovely fringe effect. Also, you cannot overlap the crystal trim, so to form the other line for the “X” part, you’d have to cut the piece in half and stick accordingly, all around. 

DIY ladies spider web costume

Next, anchor a long piece of crystal trim in between the triangles to create that cobweb effect. Here, you can overlap the trim on top of the diagonal pieces. 

Gluing the spiderweb trim on the bust of the corset

Here’s a closeup. Round each segment as you go along, and then glue the trim on top of the glue accordingly. 

Creating a spiderweb pattern on the corset

Let the crystal trim fall on the trim underneath so that you achieve a dangle effect. Work your way around the cup so that you have at least three sets of these. 

DIY spider web costume

Essentially, you need to anchor the points appropriately, and the finished result looks like this.

Touching up with black fabric paint

If there are overspills of glue, scrape off the glue with your fingernails and touch it up with some black fabric paint. Finish off the spider web costume by adding trim to the bottom edge. 

Mesh top with rhinestones to go underneath the corset

4. Mesh top (optional)

I purchased this mesh top from a store, and it has some lovely rhinestones all over the fabric. I plan on wearing this underneath the corset top.

Finished DIY spider web costume
Spider web costume DIY closeup

Spider web costume DIY

Spider web costume DIY tutorial

Here are the results! What do you think of this DIY spider web costume? I think it’s definitely put together, sexy, sultry, with plenty of dazzling jewels in all the right places.

Thank you for joining me on this spider web costume DIY tutorial, and I hope you have some awesome inspiration for your next Halloween DIY costume project. Have fun!

Suggested materials:
  • Black corset top
  • Thin crystal trim
  • Thick crystal trim
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