How to Do Easy Spider Web Face Makeup for Halloween in 4 Simple Steps

5 Materials
15 Minutes

This is the easiest Halloween makeup tutorial ever. You don’t have to be in the least bit artistic to achieve this dramatic, sparkly DIY spider web face makeup for yourself. Just pick up some fake little crystals and funky false eyelashes, grab your makeup bag, and you’ll be ready to begin this step-by-step makeup tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • Black eyeliner
  • Silver eyeliner
  • Eyelash glue
  • False eyelashes
  • Tiny fake crystals
Easy spider web makeup

1. Create the spider web

Start by applying your regular eye makeup – whatever you normally wear to make your eyes a bit dramatic.

Now, using an eyeliner, draw five lines up from the crease of your eyelid to above your eyebrow, in a fan shape. Do the same below your eye, from just below your eye until about the middle of your nose.

Draw one horizontal line out from the outer corner of your eye, about the same length as the other lines.

Spider web Halloween makeup

Connect all of the lines around your eye by drawing slightly curved lines between them. Make the curved lines join the straight lines at about a quarter-inch from the tip of the straight line. Don’t connect the two innermost lines.

Now draw a second curved line halfway down the straight lines, below each of the curved lines you previously made.


Spider web eye makeup step by step

2. Add spider lashes

Apply false eyelashes to your eyelids. Look for false eyelashes that are very dramatic, and if you want to go with sparkly, or rhinestone-studded lashes, go for it!


Witch makeup spider web eyes

3. Add sparkle

Attach tiny fake crystals to each spider web line joint using eyelash glue. The crystals are meant to mimic dewdrops on a spider web. Attach one to the inner corner of each eye as well.

DIY spider web makeup

4. Apply silver eyeliner (optional)

If your crystals aren’t noticeable enough for you, you can use some silver eyeliner to outline or highlight each crystal. Add some silver eyeliner to your eyelids and under your eyebrow as well, for extra drama.

If you just can’t ever have enough sparkle, use the silver eyeliner to highlight all your spider web lines. 

Spider web face makeup

Spider web face makeup tutorial

Set off the whole spider web look with dark lipstick, pull your hair back from your face, and you’re ready for Halloween! Leave a comment to let us know what kind of reaction you got to your spider web Halloween makeup.

Suggested materials:
  • Black eyeliner
  • Silver eyeliner
  • Eyelash glue
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  • Sandra Jane Evans Sandra Jane Evans on Oct 10, 2021

    great idea! we only get a few kids, so II quit dressing up. but i so could do this wear all black and make extra legs by stuffing black tights

  • Vic33806674 Vic33806674 on Oct 16, 2021

    Beautiful girl LOVE HER EYES great idea looks very easy.May try. Keep up the great