2 Cute Spring & Summer Hairstyles That Are Quick & Easy to Do

by Laineymariebeauty
3 Materials
5 Minutes

In this hair tutorial, I’m going to show you two spring and summer hairstyles that are super-cute and super-easy for spring/summer.

These looks are very simple to create and require nothing more than some hair ties, elastics, and bobby pins. Follow along as I take you through how to create these cute summer hairstyles step by step.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastics

Style 1 - Twisted bun

Tying hair in a ponytail

1. Tie hair into a ponytail

For the first hairstyle, start by putting your hair into a ponytail.

Splitting the ponytail into two

2. Separate into two

Next, split your ponytail into two sections of equal size; you want a top section and a bottom section.

Tying the hair up in a bun

3. Tie into a bun

Now, if you scrunch the two sections together, you can see the part right in the middle forms a bun. Take a hair tie and put it right on over that.

Pulling hair out of the bun

4. Pull hair out

Now you have a perfect little bun. To make it a bit fuller, take the bottom and the top and just kind of stretch it out.

Twisting sections of hair

5. Twist

With the hair that is left hanging out, you want to split it into two sections. Then take one of those sections and twist it around your finger. Make sure the twist is nice and tight.

Pinning the twists to the base of the bun

6. Pin

Once you have that twist, take it and wrap it around the base of the bun, and then bobby pin the end to secure it.

Twisting and wrapping the hair around the base of the bun

7. Repeat

Then do the same thing with the other section, twist it around your finger nice and tight, wrap it around the base of the bun when you get to the end, tuck it up underneath, and bobby pin it to secure it.

Pulling hair out for texture

8. Pull hair out

To add some texture, I like to pinch and pull the hair on the crown of my head, and I’m going to stretch out the bun too.

Long hair summer hairstyle

This look is super adorable. You don’t need to have curly hair to do this; you can achieve this look on any type of hair.

Style 2 - Topsy tail

Tying hair in a half ponytail

1. Tie hair

For the next look, take a section of hair in the middle of your head. Make sure you have enough hair on each side and tie it off with a hair tie.

Spring hairstyles for long hair

2. Bring in sections from either side

Next, take a section from the left, take a section from the right, and gather them together in the middle, right above the section that you just made. Tie that off with a hair tie.

Pulling hair up through the hole

3. Pull hair up through the hole

With the section you just tied, you’re going to do a topsy-tail. To do this, make an opening right above your hair tie, flip your hair up through that and pull it through.

Twisting and pulling hair through the hole

4. Twist and pull hair through the hole

Next, stick your fingers up through that topsy tail, so you still have a hole, and twist your hair either to the left or the right.

Stretch the hole over the first ponytail that you made. Then pull that first ponytail through the topsy-tail. Once you’ve pulled it through, make sure you tighten the bottom ponytail.

How to do cute summer hairstyles

5. Repeat

Now repeat the same thing. Take a section from the left, take a section from the right, tie it with a hair tie and we’re just going to create another topsy-tail.

You already have a hole so just flip your hair up through it and then do the same thing. Just put your fingers through that hole, turn it to the left or the right, and stretch it over that ponytail.

Then, pull the ponytail up through that hole and tighten it.

Pinching and pulling hair for volume

6. Pull out hair

Now you’re just going to pinch and pull your hair to give it some texture and volume.

How to cover up hair elastics

7. Cover up the elastics

Sometimes when you do these hairstyles, you’ll notice that your elastic is showing. To hide the elastic, we’re going to do a reverse topsy tail with that bottom section.

Create an opening right above the hair tie, then flip your hair under and up through that hole. Make sure you tighten it, then your elastic will no longer stick out.

Easy spring and summer hairstyles

This is the final result, and I think this looks so good.

Easy spring and summer hairstyles tutorial

With cute hairstyles like these that are so easy to achieve, you have no excuse for wearing your hair the same way all the time!

Let me know which of these two easy hairstyles for spring and summer is your favorite in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastics

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