Spring Fashion Trends for 2021

I’m going to share with you some of the looks that I put together using a few key pieces based on Spring 2021 trends. I put all of these looks together using what I already have in my closet. My focus is on slow fashion which is all about using creativity instead of consumption to feel stylish and put together. As you know, trends are so cyclical, and I really think these days, it’s less about following trends and more about celebrating your personal style and discovering what you enjoy wearing.

Styling spring fashion trends

Easy spring fashion trends

Piece One: The Romantic Dress

Romantic silhouettes and beautiful delicate pieces were really big on the runway this season. This vintage Dior dress is probably the only thing I have that fits that entire bill, so I’ve styled it two ways, first with just a pair of sandals and then for colder weather with a heavier belt and a pair of boots.

Basic spring fashion trends

Piece Two: High-Waisted Trousers

There are a couple of trends happening in this look. The first one is waist definition. This silhouette was really popular this season, so I did it by way of a high-legged trouser and knotting my shirt. All I did here with my shirt was give it a regular knot and tuck it in, and I also adjusted my sleeves so that they fall a little bit higher, which will also define the waist a little more. Some other trends that we can see are color blocking, that beautiful poppy red paired with the neutral. 

How to style spring fashion trends

I copied this look from the Valentino runway, and I love it for its chic simplicity. There is some color blocking between neutrals, waist definition, and wide-legged pants, which is a really popular silhouette. Another trend that I focused on here was that basic or very easy-to-wear footwear, so I paired this outfit with flats.

Spring trends 2021

Spring trends

Piece Three: Neutral Jumpsuit

I resurrected this amazing wide-legged jumpsuit that I keep with my evening wear, and I am so glad that I pulled it out and rediscovered it for these Spring-trends. I love the way it looks layered under a blazer. I’ve styled it by pairing different neutral shades and creating a stunning earth-toned look. I’ve also got the wide-legged pant look nailed with this jumpsuit which I’m so excited about! In another look, I gave it a try with a long-lined trench coat. We saw many of these very dramatic proportions on the runway, like long wide-legged pants layered underneath long dresses and trench coats. 

Fashion trends

Fashion trends 2021

Because the wide-leg is so on trend and I want to max-out the use of this jumpsuit, I tried to add more of a romantic vibe and add that waist definition trend that was popular by adding a shirt over the top and tying it at the waist. Because I’ve used this neutral linen shirt, I’m also continuing with the trend of using very earth and natural tones. 

This last look encompasses quite a few of those silhouette-themed trends, so again the high waist pant that I’ve created with the jumpsuit: a beautiful wide flowing leg and the waist definition. I also think color blocking is happening here, albeit with neutrals, but it still does make an impactful and dramatic look. To add a touch of that romantic trend, I added a scarf to my hair.

Spring 2021 lookbook

Slow fashion tutorial

Piece Four: Floral Trousers

A lot of the florals that we saw this season were paired with very sensible and almost contrasting footwear, so that’s what I did here with these black platform sandals. I don’t own any overly romantic tops or anything like that, so I just paired my floral pants with some of my basics, and I love the way they turned out. I’m also happy to report that even though these pants are almost five years old, they still have that great wide-leg straight silhouette. It’s so rare that we actually have to go out and buy things to match trends - so much is already in our closets.

What is slow fashion

Piece Five: Straight-Leg Jeans

Oh my gosh, this is going to be my new go-to look for Spring. I totally created this look from the runway. My jeans aren’t as straight-legged or as much of a relaxed fit as they are in this runway picture, but I still think that they do the job of that straight silhouette. I’ve got that minimal, really classic, sleek blazer, and I’ve decided that I love the way this ball-cap looks with blazers, so I’m totally going to adopt that this season.

Slow fashion Spring 2021

Slow fashion Spring looks

Piece Six: Cream Skirt and Cream Sweater

This look doesn’t have the waist definition like most silhouettes this season. Still, it has that beautiful simplistic and minimal silhouette and that more romantic feel because of the gentle flow and movement of the skirt. And working with those layers of different tones, the cream, and a different taupe color, really plays into the trend of mixing and matching tonal colors together.

Spring versatile clothing

Spring versatile outfits

Versatile outfits

These last outfits focus on the contrast of that sensible footwear with the soft, romantic skirt, and what I wanted to do was add a little bit of interesting contrast with the dark jackets. I also added a ball-cap just for fun, and it works so well to balance out the heft of that boot. In the last look, I wanted to show that you can easily romanticize a blazer and add some waist definition with something as simple as a belt.

I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration for what you can wear this Spring. The real key here is wearing good quality pieces that you can style in different ways. Slow fashion is about utilizing the pieces that you own and getting the most out of them. Classic, high-quality pieces will serve you well year after year. What’s your favorite look or trend, or theme for this season?

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