Learn This Style Hack for One of Spring's Biggest Fashion Trends

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This is the blouse-tying hack you need to know. Rosettes are one of spring’s biggest trends. They’re going to be everywhere!

Here’s how you can get one out of your tie-neck blouse without spending a dime.

Twisting ties

1. Twist the ties

Twist the two sides of the tie neck over and start twisting them. Twist until you’re about halfway down.

Wrapping fingers

2. Wrap around fingers

Now put two fingers right under the top of the twist at the neck and wrap the tie around your fingers. 

Bringing up through top

3. Bring up through the top

Take the end up through the neck and back through the shirt.

Pulling through center

4. Pull through the center

Now take the center of that piece and pull it up through where your fingers were.

Don’t pull it all the way through because we want those cute little tails.

Flower-style necktie

Flower-style necktie

Give everything a little adjustment, and just like that, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous flower-style necktie.

This is a great alternative to wearing the ties in a bow. Give this a try with a tie-neck blouse!

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