Spring 2024 Fashion Trends You Already Own: How to Shop Your Closet

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Knowing how to shop your closet is a great way to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Follow along and let’s check out 2024 trends to put together some casual spring outfit ideas!

Our inspiration will be the following article from Who What Wear:

Spring 2024 fashion trends

1. Extraordinary everyday

This first spring 2024 trend is about elevating the essential items in our daily wardrobes. 

Spring 2024 fashion trends

The article shows a wrap button-up, but don’t fret if you don’t own one.

You can use a cardigan or a regular denim button-up and style it in the same way:

How to shop your closet

Alternatively, take a blazer and belt it. Add a cool broach if you’d like and pair it with denim. I love this elevated, spring look:

How to shop your closet

2. Sky’s the limit

Powdery sky blue is on the forecast for spring 2024.

Color trends are tricky because not everyone is going to like or look good in a given color, so if powder blue doesn’t speak to you, move along to a trend you prefer. 

Spring 2024 fashion trends

Think head-to-toe saturation rather than pops of blue.

I’m mixing a thrifted, gray maxi dress that’s oh so 90’s with a tied blue top for a serene color scheme.  

How to shop your closet

3. Better than joggers

Flowy, wide-leg trousers are in style this spring. The look is elegant but feels relaxed, where fluidity is key. 

Spring 2024 fashion trends

I have these black, wide leg, elastic waist trousers that are my replacement for joggers. I love to wear these while traveling.

Pair these with a sheer, mesh top or an equally loose, casual top. 

How to shop your closet

4. Distilled 90’s

The Who What Wear article directs us to think minimally with logo vests, low slung trousers and tube dresses as hero items.

But, give these styles a clean-cut, grown-up rendering for spring 2024.

Spring 2024 fashion trends

Pick up on whatever 90’s elements you like. We aren’t aiming for a carbon copy of the runway but the version that makes us feel our best!

What I’m picking up from these looks is this beautiful, slinky texture, which I’m showing with this silk slip skirt. 

How to shop your closet

5. Feeling flat

Flat shoes continue to dominate, especially in sheer Mary Jane and ballet styles.

Spring 2024 fashion trends

Square toe and mesh flats are really big this season. I don’t have either of those!

My ballet flats have pointed toes, but they are the season’s color of sky blue.

I’ve paired them with straight leg, loose jeans. 

How to shop your closet

6. Modern romantics

I love a trend category like this because it’s more general, which allows you to flex your styling creativity.

Here, they’re talking about gowns, but with fresh silhouettes and garment combinations. 

Spring 2024 fashion trends

Try adding chiffon, frills and bows to your everyday looks.

All you need is a touch of romance, like lace under a trench coat or adding bows to kitten heels. 

How to shop your closet

7. Latte dressing

I love clothing that references food! Beige is no longer a bad thing, and it’s a more understated alternative to pink.

Again, if this color palette doesn’t work for you, skip it, or add it in the form of an accessory.

Spring 2024 fashion trends

I’ve pieced together a makeshift suit with similarly colored separates.

Head-to-toe monochrome makes a visual impact, and it’s also a tenet of quiet luxury. 

How to shop your closet

8. The great drape

Here it’s all about relaxed vibes using drapery and ruched, pleated fabrics.

Spring 2024 fashion trends

I’m more of a tailored, separates gal but I’ve turned this silk scarf into a drapey top for this trend: 

How to shop your closet

9. More than a gym bag

Let’s draw our attention toward these giant bags that can be versatile in their styling. 

Spring 2024 fashion trends

For this trend, I’m pulling my convertible backpack out and wearing it over the shoulder for the big bag look.

How to shop your closet

You know what also can work for this big bag trend? Actual tote bags!

They are less luxurious but I’m picking up on the slouchy notes with these.

How to shop your closet

10. New power pairing 

Skirts are back for spring and summer.

The skirts included have different silhouettes: low slung pencil, midi peasant skirts, mid rise pencil skirts, etc.

Style your skirts with a t-shirt, a bikini top, or the most elegant option: a blouse. 

Spring 2024 fashion trends

Here is my understated, elegant skirt look:

How to shop your closet

If you have a few types of skirts in your wardrobe, choose the type you like and play around with different tops.

Personally, I’m a fan of the mini skirt hemline, which the article didn’t mention:

How to shop your closet

How to shop your closet

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to learn how to shop your closet for spring 2024 outfit trends.

Let me know in the comments which Spring 2024 trend speaks to you!

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