How to Incorporate Western Style Clothing Into Your Wardrobe

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

Western wear for women has been very trendy recently. Everybody wants to slap on a cowboy hat or cowboy boots and hop on the Western wear trend. But let’s be real--there’s a fine line between looking stylish and looking like you’re wearing a costume. So here are my top tips for sporting Western wear without feelin’ a fool.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots

These have been a major trend this past year. My boots are Lucchese cowboy boots made in El Paso, Texas. They were somewhat expensive, so if you’re only just dipping your toes into the Western trend, there are cowboy boots available at all price points.

Easy Western style

The way cowboy boots are made gives the wearer this amazing, straightened posture adding so much confidence to the look. I’ve chosen to pair these boots with black jeans, but I’ve also worn them with a dress and black tights, which is also a super-cute look.  

Add some studded straps

Another way I style my boots is to jazz them up with a little studded strap for some added bling, which is fun because it gives them a bit of a different look. 


Western belt

Western belt

These belts are so popular right now in mainstream fashion. It is a fairly simple accessory but immediately adds some Western flavor to my outfit. I chose to wear it with a flowy white dress, but it works with so many different styles.

Basic Western wear style

Because the belt is so understated, I added cowboy boots to complete the outfit, without feeling like the look would appear too much like a costume. 

How to style Western wear

Cowboy hat

A cowboy hat is the one Western item that is somewhat difficult to incorporate into an outfit subtly, so when I wear a cowboy hat, I try to keep the rest of the outfit very toned down. I chose a plain tank top and bell-bottom jeans to wear with my hat, but it would also look great with a regular pair of skinny or straight-legged jeans.  

Style Western wear for women

If you’d rather style the hat by leaning into the look, vintage Western wear is a fun trend to get into. I thrifted this vintage Western-style shirt, and paired it with the cowboy hat and the bell-bottoms, creating an outfit with a super-cute country vibe.

Western style embroidered shirt

Embroidered shirt

These embroidered shirts have been popping up all over the fashion world, and the embroidered style is getting incorporated into other items like jackets and dresses, as well. 

How to style Western wear for women

The shirt I’ve chosen is a little bit kitschy, with horseshoes and rhinestones, but I feel like that’s part of the fun of this trend. I chose to keep the outfit toned down by pairing the embroidered shirt with a fairly plain light-colored scalloped skirt. 

Lean into the Western look

If I did want to lean into the Western look, though, all I’d have to do is pop on my cowboy hat.

Vintage style outfit

Another way to style this shirt is to play up the vintage look of it. For this outfit, I went for a pinup vibe, pairing the embroidered shirt with fifties-style pants.

Style Western wear

Jodhpurs (aka horse riding pants)

For this outfit, I chose a white eyelet top and jodhpur pants to add an equestrian flair to my look. Jodhpurs are very understated and versatile, so it’s a subtle way to bring a Western element to your day-to-day style. 

Another Western element that seems to be popular now is clothing with fringes, but I don’t yet own anything with fringes. Do you think I should branch out and experiment with other Western elements in my wardrobe? How have you incorporated the Western trend into your wardrobe?

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