7 Basic Dressing Rules That Every Woman Should Know

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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In this style guide, I’m going to share with you seven dressing rules that every woman should know. All of these rules are game-changers that will make your appearance even better than it already is. Let’s jump on in with tip number one!

Discovering your body shape

1. Know your figure

Firstly, you need to know what kind of body type you have. There are so many different styles of pants, skirts, and dresses out there, but not all of them will be the most flattering on your body type.

You need to know what pieces to get that will look absolutely amazing on you.

What not to wear fashion rules

For example, I have an hourglass body type, and I know that a lot of girls out there think that it’s so easy to dress for this shape, but if I wear a pair of pants or a skirt that are not so high-rise, my hips will appear a lot bulkier. So for me, it needs to be either medium-rise or high-rise.

Basic fashion tips

2. Make any occasion special

My second tip for you is not to dress up just for special occasions but to dress up whatever the occasion is! If Covid taught me anything, it was how much of a luxury it was to go outside, even for a simple cup of coffee with friends.

So now, on any occasion that I have to go outside, I want to make sure I’m looking my best. And if I’m overdressed? Who cares. The important thing is to feel good about yourself.

Building a capsule wardrobe with similar tones

3. Build a capsule wardrobe

Next up, make a capsule wardrobe that works for your tastes.

For example, we usually hear about capsule wardrobes that are filled with white, cream, and black tones, and yes, I also have my capsule in these tones, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your capsule wardrobe has to be in the same color as other people’s.

So try to build your capsule wardrobe based on the colors that you like. When you’re wearing colors that suit you, you’ll feel happy and confident with your wardrobe.

How to shop to dress better

4. Avoid buying one-time pieces

If you’re buying one-time pieces, you’ll find that they don’t work well for everyday styling. Standout pieces can be difficult to combine and style with the other pieces in your wardrobe, and as a result, you might find that you don’t end up wearing them very much.

I ask you to consider whether it’s really worth buying pieces like this? If you can’t figure out instantly five ways that you can style a certain top, it will probably just end up sitting in your wardrobe.

It’s more worthwhile to save the money and instead choose another piece that you can see yourself wearing with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Dressing rules for ladies

5. Don’t reveal too much in too many places

If you’re wearing a mini-skirt, for example, try to balance it out by going for something a bit more modest on top; don’t go for something that is showing too much skin.

If you don’t follow this rule, you might appear cheap, and no one want’s to have that appearance. Try to find the perfect balance.

How to choose the right colors

6. Know what colors look good on you

In order to know what colors look good on you, you need to know what is your skin tone and your undertone. If you don’t dress according to these tones, you might end up appearing very pale.

As someone who is quite pale, I need to pay a lot of attention to the color of my clothing because certain pieces can make me look like I am dead in the face!

Also, bear in mind that when you try clothing on in dressing rooms, the bright light they often have in stores might not allow you to see the true color of the clothing. Where possible, it is best to try on clothes in natural lighting. 

Styling tips and dressing rules

7. Borrow from others

Always try to look at your father’s, brother’s, boyfriend’s, or husband’s wardrobe. Perhaps they have shirts that they no longer wear, and you can grab some of those pieces.

Of course, it doesn’t only need to be a man’s wardrobe; you could also look at your mother’s or sister’s wardrobe and see if they have pieces that you can borrow.

Borrowing from and swapping clothes with others will not only get you new things to way, but it is also a sustainable approach that involves less consumption.

Dressing rules

Knowing what looks good on you and dressing for your body shape will make you so much happier and more confident in the clothes you wear.

I hope that you’ve found these seven tips helpful and you’ll incorporate them into your styling approach. I’ve personally found that these tips have given me much more ease when getting dressed.

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