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Today, Foxy Makeup Tips and Tutorials shares 5 different ways to use hairspray. These hairspray hacks are super useful, so keep reading to the end!

1. To keep your flowers fresh

Foxy Makeup Tips and Tutorials explains that, to keep flowers looking fresh and vibrant for longer, you can spritz a small amount of hairspray over the petals.

This can help the flowers to stay fresh for up to a week longer!

2. To stop your shoes slipping in summer

If your feet are slipping about in your shoes, Foxy Makeup Tips and Tutorials explains that spritzing your feet with hairspray can give you some extra grip and alleviate the problem.

3. To keep your bobby pins in place

Next, Foxy Makeup Tips and Tutorials shares a quick hairspray hack for keeping your bobby pins in place. Simply take your bobby pin, spritz it with hairspray, then add it to your hair.


4. Stain remover

If you have any lipstick or food stains on your clothes, you can easily remove them using hairspray.

Spritz the stain, then wash the item of clothing with laundry detergent as you usually would. Once washed, you’ll find the stain has vanished!

5. For drying nail polish fast

For her final hairspray hack, Foxy Makeup Tips and Tutorials shares a quick way to dry your nail polish. Simply take your hairspray, spritz your freshly painted nails — et voila! Your nails are set and ready to go.

Five incredible hairspray hacks

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  • Anne Anne on Jul 05, 2023

    Spray your feet lightly……otherwise they will become sticky…

  • Kbu14631246 Kbu14631246 on Aug 07, 2023

    I will definitely try it. I polished my nails yesterday and used nail polish to dry them.