Outfit Ideas for Hourglass Figures

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

For those of us who aren't built like supermodels (we are out there, retailers! I know it's hard for you to believe icon ), shopping can be a delight or it can be frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes, it can actually make us cry. Clothing sizes are not standardised and those of us with curves often have no idea which size to pick out! Or something will look amazing on the hanger and then look awful on us because it's made for a completely different body-type that we will never be able to achieve.

Sadly I can't fix the fashion industry, but I can give you curvy girls a few styling hacks to help you put outfits together that will make you feel comfy and confident.

Capes are so so glamorous but are often a straight up-and-down or triangular style that just looks ridiculous on us hourglass-shaped beauties. We generally need to show off our shape or we look like we have no shape at all.

There's no way my curves are stopping me from joining in the cape trend so I like to thread my Loewe belt through this cape from Ted Baker to cinch in my waist, keeping the back of the cape unbelted so I still get that lovely flowing shape from behind. (The Ted Baker cape is out of stock at the moment but I found this one from Phase Eight that comes with its own tie belt for a similar look.)

For even more fabulous look, pair with a matching fedora hat so you look extra countryside chic.

Wool midi skirts have been some of my favourite clothes to wear this year and I love how they are not only chic and stylish but comfortable too. An elasticated waist is one of the best things in life!

As midi skirts are longer, you can get away with showing more cleavage up top, which is generally a more flattering look on those of us with big boobs. Sometimes, though, I like to show off my shoulders rather than my cleavage, which also works well balanced out by a longer skirt length.

Speaking of necklines, any woman with an hourglass figure will have heard the advice to wear v-necks to show off her bust. But we don't all want to! I actually find it's fine to wear high necklines as long as your bra is well-fitting. However, if you don't feel flattered by rollnecks and crew necks, a plunge neckline is flattering and looks more youthful than a v-neck, which I find can look rather matronly.

'Plunge' is a frightening word to those of us with larger chests but if you make sure you're wearing the right bra, this is definitely a look you could rock.

A long hemline balances out a plunge neckline really well - wearing this neckline with a mini skirt could leave you feeling over-exposed and uncomfortable.

A final outfit idea for hourglass figures is to show barely any skin at all, but still show off your beautiful shape. I love wearing rollneck jumpers with jeans and knee-high boots, especially in the colder months. It's a cosy, practical look but can still look very come-hither.

I also love to rock this look when it comes to party dresses. Back in my 20s, I would've worn low necklines and high hemlines together, but these days I feel sexier in a tight-fitting midi dress and low heels. It's a more sophisticated look while still looking extremely modern and chic.

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