How to Style Tones: Tonal Dressing

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For those who don’t know, I do a ‘Shop My Closet’ episode every month. These are a super fun way to get creative. I just log onto Pinterest, scroll through outfits I like, and then try and recreate them. This month we’re focusing on tonal dressing style!

Tonal dressing style

Break it down

Once I’ve selected an outfit I like to break down the different elements in it. In this outfit, what caught my eye was the subtle mix between soft and structured. The girl in the picture has a soft sweater draped over a structured midi skirt. Additionally, she has a fun mix of textures. Notice her belt and boots in comparison to her skirt and sweater. These texture differences are super important because her look is so tonal, which is also why her front tuck works so well. The front tuck and extra room between her skirt and boots are what break up this outfit into its different elements. 

How to dress in tones

Choose a textured sweater 

You don’t need to find an exact replica of the model’s outfit, but try and find something with a similar texture. I chose a beige/grey sweater from American Eagle. Make sure your sweater is oversized and slouches similarly so that you can achieve that front tuck later on. 

Tonal dressing style

Choose structured bottoms

If like me you don’t own a super structured skirt you can swap it out for some pants. I went with some high-rise, wide-leg Gap trousers. I chose a beige color that matched my sweater nicely and still gave me that tonal look I’m going for. 

Monochromatic dressing

Pick out accessories 

For the boots, I went with ones that were really similar to the model’s; brown sock boots. I made sure they had a point and matched the tones of the rest of the outfit I’ve picked out. Then I added a matching leather belt to complete the look. 

How to dress monochrome

I’m super happy with how this outfit turned out. I never would have paired these pieces together on my own, but I am loving this monochrome style. This is why I love these ‘Shop My Closet’ episodes! 

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