Cute Vacation Dresses

by Ninamarieblogs

If you're anything like myself, you are probably planning your next vacation. We can all agree that this past year has been so hard on everyone and in all aspects of life. If you can take some time off and go somewhere to unplug for a few days, take it. As my mom always said, "life is too short, learn to enjoy it the best you can." Let's just say, I'm taking her advice.

One thing I learned from 2020 is how to appreciate a lot more. I use to take so many things for granted but not anymore. I now give thanks for even the littlest things like a glass of water before I drink it. Call me dramatic but it's so true. I also make a list of the things in my life that I'm grateful for every morning when I wake up. This makes me happy. You should try it sometime or maybe for a week and see if you see any changes in your lifestyle.

With saying all of this, when I go on my next vacation which is already planned for July - I want to look so good in all of my outfits. I stumbled upon this really cute boutique and I found the cutest spring, vacation, date night whatever you need kinda dresses. Take a look...

*size up as sizing tends to run a size smaller.

This slip dress has a feminine floral print and makes the best date-night dress. Shop it here.

I am in love with anything gingham print and the cute tie at the chest is adorable. Shop it here.

Puff sleeve detail is a huge trend right now! The floral print, color, and bottom ruffle makes this so flattering to wear. Shop it here.

This dress comes in a light blue gingham which is tempting to snag. It also has stretch which I love because it enhances your curves nicely. Shop it here.

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