Removing a Cowl Neck From a Sweater

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. Have you ever wanted to remove a cowl neck or turtle neck from a sweater or shirt because it was too bulky, too tight, too itchy or just in the way? Well, I did and I will show you how I did it here. It was easy and it was a fast project.

Doctor... It's time for a cowl-ectomy! I wanted to remove this cowl neck and use the neck as a tube top. But what about the sweater that was left over? I wanted to keep the sweater as a long sleeve t-shirt style top. It was a tight knit sweater, almost like a heavy knit shirt. Could I make the neckline look nice and neat after I cut the neck off? Sure I could!

I cut the cowl neck off and made sure to keep about 1/4 inch of the neck material in place attached to the sweater. I needed that to make the sweater look wearable again. I used sharp scissors and cut slowly. It doesn't need to be perfect.

I describe my simple but brilliant plan here. I used a zigzag stitch when I sewed this neckline because it is a knit fabric and it stretches. Zigzag stitches also stretch a little so it will work the best for this project. When the edge is tucked in a sewn down it will be hidden so no one will know what we did.

Here is a look at the shirt when it was done. You can see the round neckline is stitched in place and I can breath easy without all the extra fabric around my neck. It is a simple classic style shirt that I can wear with anything.

I wore it with this plaid skirt. It was easy and comfortable to wear. I was happy with how it came together. It is less bulky and has a simpler style without the big bulky cowl neck in my face. Try is on one of your shirts or sweaters.

Happy sewing to you!


Suggested materials:
  • Sweater/shirt   (My closet)
  • Matching Thread   (Sewing/fabric store)

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