A Too Small Sweater

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. It's April and I decided to focus on florals all month. I know, florals for spring. Groundbreaking. Miranda Priestly wouldn't be impressed but let's make this sweater fit again. This is a very easy beginner sewing refashion project.

Before and after.

I really liked this sour apple green-yellow sweater. I liked the knit flowers on the front. But it didn't fit anymore. I seem to have out grown it. (Did anyone else use Covid as an excuse to snack a lot? Was it just me?) It's OK. I can fix this.

I cut the side seam open. I just started cutting at the waistband and followed the seam all the way up. The seam ends at the wristband. Once it is all open you can fill the gap in with something to make the sweater bigger.

I thought I could use this ribbon. I liked the flowers and the different shades of green together. Ribbon is not stretchy and because it is so stable it will be easy to work with. The best part is that you can pick any ribbon you like. The wider the ribbon the bigger your sweater will be.

Always measure to make sure you have enough length for your project. I had just enough to finish both sides of this sweater. Like just enough. If I messed up somewhere I was going to be in trouble.

I clipped the right sides together. I wanted all the parts to stay in place while I was sewing. I sewed the right sides together with my sewing machine.

The ribbon added some extra room in the sweater. When the ribbon was sewn into the sides of the sweater it added about and inch and a half to each sleeve 3 inches to the body of the sweater. That was just enough for me to wear the sweater comfortably again. I could have chosen a much wider ribbon and made my sweater much bigger.

I like how the ribbon peeks out from the side. It is fun but it is simple enough that I can wear it to work.

Here is one last peek at the side and under the arm. It is just one piece of ribbon, sewn into the side to expand the whole sweater. It won't be any longer, just bigger.

I made a basic white woman trip to Target. Yes, I got Starbucks too. It was great. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Suggested materials:
  • Sweater   (My Closet)
  • Grosgrain Ribbon   (On Hand)

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