Make a Swimsuit Statement With Mesh!

Lets face it, whether you’re lounging by the poolside or having fun on a sandy beach we all want to look amazing in our swimsuit, and there is no better feeling than knowing that the one you are wearing is one of a kind, the fabric chosen by you and sewed by you too.

Now if you're new to sewing swimwear the Sharon one piece is the perfect design to start with, it's a high cut swimsuit with a scooped neck and back, the full coverage and inner support band gives you the confidence you need when you're strolling down the shoreline and the cut of the swimsuit adds that extra sassiness, creating a show stopping style.

So I was extremely excited when Sirena Patterns asked me to hack the Sharon and what a better way to give it that extra wow by adding a mesh insert. 

So let's get started with the hack! First of all you'll need to print out your pattern pieces and using the size chart in the booklet cut the size you need, I measured up a medium. 

Then the easiest way to measure your mesh cutout is to lay the shelf pattern piece on top of your front pattern piece, matching up the side, neck and  arm cycle and draw a line, then measure 3cm down from that line.

Do the same for the bottom of the swimsuit and this is where you will cut the pattern to create the mesh insert. And hey before you cut your fabric make sure to add a 6mm seam allowance to all pattern pieces that you have created..

Now cut out your fabric and lining, and you're ready to rock!. The sewing process is going to be slightly different to the original instructions so keep reading to find out how to enclose all your seams.

First of all make the shelf for the Sharon swimsuit by following the instructions in the booklet and set this piece to one side for later.

Then your going to want to create a single piece with your front, mesh and lining, so what you have to do is make sure you have marked which is the top and the bottom of your mesh , then lay your bottom piece of the main fabric right side up, place your mesh on top of it right side down and then your lining wrong side down, your mesh is then sandwiched between the main fabric and lining, and sew. 

Flip over your lining and repeat the process with the top half, you will then have created your front with the mesh insert and the lining hiding your seams. At this point if you like you can baste all the pieces together around the edges adding the top shelf too.

Our next step is to sew the center of the back piece and the lining, keep these pieces separate and don't sew them together. You'll see why soon! It's all about enclosing and hiding your seams.

Place your back lining piece right side up on the table, next on top of it your front piece right side up so the linings are on top of each other and your main fabric is facing up, after that put your back main fabric right side facing down, pin your swimsuit at the crotch, sides and shoulders and sew. I always like to do a quick basting stitch on all the seams at this point to make sure I've sewed all the layers together correctly before serging, there's nothing worse than unpicking serger stitches.

Turn your swimsuit right side out, you’ll see that all your seams are perfectly enclosed. so  you're almost ready to add the elastic, before doing so serge or zigzag stitch together the main fabric and lining leg openings, arm, neck and back, this gives you a smooth and professional finish when you add the elastic.

You're almost  finished! Sew on the elastic following the instructions in the Sharon sewing booklet, I always like to add a little extra tension around the curve of my bottom area but that’s just me.

And Now you're ready to rock your Sharon swimsuit with mesh, at the pool, at the beach you will be looking amazing, and hey if you don’t feel like adding mesh why not colour block it! the options to create a super cool swimsuit are endless.

Happy sewing!

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