How To Tie-Dye Your Clothes With Avocado Pits!

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

This is one of my favorite upcycle projects. It's easy, fun, and au naturale. It's a much better way to color your garments than harsh chemical dyes.

You'll have a really fun new clothing item and no one will believe them when you say it's all thanks to a fruit (I know right, so weird that avocados are a fruit)!

Start by collecting 4-6 avocado pits. I usually collect them slowly (saving the pits whenever I eat an avocado) and keep the in the freezer after washing them until I have enough for this project.


Decide which item you're going to dye and twist it up (securing with rubber bands or hair ties) for that tie-dye effect.

Boil the avocado pits in a pot of water (1 L) for 45 minutes. The longer you boil them for, the dark the color will turn out.

Ready to dye...

Remove the avocado pits and add in your piece of clothing.

Let your item soak in the hot water for an hour.

Almost done...

When the timer is up, drain the water and rinse your item.

Now all that's left to do is hang it out to dry!

Style it...

Pair your newest garment with your favorite wardrobe pieces and get ready to wow your friends and family.


Ms. Melior

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