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by Charity
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If you remember, I shared all about How To Make A Shirt With Cricut’s Infusible Ink a few months ago. And now, I am back at it again with this cute little DIY Cozy Lounge Shirt. The previous shirt I made was for July Fourth, so I needed to make something that I could wear all the time. Especially something comfy and cozy for when I am lounging around at home!

Look how cute it turned out to be!

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Materials Needed:

Come Up With Your Design

The first thing I did for this DIY cozy lounge shirt was to come up with a design I liked. I looked on Cricut’s Design Space and simply found one that I liked the most. It was already pre-made and everything so all I had to do was upload it and print it out. I knew I wanted something coffee related because when I am lounging around at home, I usually have a coffee in my hand. And when I found the one that said “cats, books, & coffee” I knew it was the one for me. All of those three things I am obsessed with, so it was right up my alley!

Here it is on Cricut’s Design Space.
Print Out Your Design

After you have chosen what design you like best, you simply need to print it out with your Cricut Explore Air machine. But be sure to always have the mirror option turned on when you are printing out infusible ink for t shirts. Otherwise, it will appear backwards on your shirt if you don’t. As you can see above, the design originally had three colors to it. But I only had one black sheet of the infusible ink paper. So I decided to just create it in all black. Especially since my shirt was a light pink. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to see another color very well on the pink background. And if you notice, the black kind of turned out to be more gray on the shirt. I have noticed that usually if you want a more vibrant color with the infusible ink sheets, be sure to just use a white t shirt instead.

Here is the design all printed out.

In the picture above, I just printed out the design and separated all the pieces. I couldn’t figure out how to cut it to where it would all be on the same sheet and ready to be applied on the shirt. I am sure there is a way to do that, but since I am a Cricut newbie, I just improvised! After cutting out the pieces, I just eyeballed it back together to the design that it looked like on the computer.

Here is the completed design all together.
Apply Your Design to your Cozy Lounge Shirt

After you have your design cut out and ready, you can now adhere it to your t shirt. Be sure to have a sheet of butcher paper underneath your shirt and have another one ready to put on top of the design as well. Also, place your shirt on the pad that the Easy Press machine comes with. That way it doesn’t burn through on your table or workspace when apply the heat. Preheat your machine and wait until it is flashing green and ready to go. I usually just use the default settings which are 40 seconds at 385 degrees. While the Easy Press is pre heating, lint roll your shirt to make sure there are no leftover debris or hairs on it. They could burn and affect the color of your shirt when you apply the Easy Press machine to them.

The design is all ready to go now!

Once the machine is preheated, place a sheet of butcher paper on top of your design and then place the Heat Press right on top. Use firm pressure and hold it still for the full 40 seconds. After it’s done, remove the Heat Press carefully and let the shirt cool. Once the shirt is completely cool, you can remove the infusible ink design and discard.

Add the butcher paper before applying heat with the Heat Press.
This is what it looks like before removing the design.
And here it is all finished! So cute!

If there are any scorch marks around your shirt, you can always use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to spray on the scorch edges. This should help remove those places. But usually, I don’t have scorch marks as long as I don’t hold the Heat Press on the shirt longer than 40 seconds. But, that’s it! Such a simple and easy way to create a cute a cozy lounge shirt!

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