The Adelia Dress (Top) Hack

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This top hack received a lot of love, so I thought I'd make a quick tutorial for everyone interested in making The Adelia Dress (Top)!

Note: These measurements are for a crop length, which can be worn with high waisted pants and skirts. I have a long torso, so depending on your body length, you may need to shorten the top slightly. It is better to cut it longer, iron + pin hem in place and try it on with some pants. If it is too long, just cut the necessary length off the hem before sewing it down.

1. Lets start with the back pattern piece so it is clear. Cut your back pattern piece, 5cm below the 'Shorten Dress Here' line. 

2. Fold the extra 5cm back under the pattern piece along the 'Shorten Dress Here' line. You will notice the extra 5cm does not match up at the side seam and creates an extra wedge. See image below:

3. Cut this little wedge off so when folded back, the 5cm extension is flush with the side seam.

4. Now do the same steps as above for your front pattern piece.

5. Sew your top together as per dress instructions. 

6. When it comes to hemming the top, iron the hem up 1cm first, then iron up another 5cm so your raw edge is hidden in the wide hem. Sew down your hem as close to the edge of the fold as possible. 

7. My buttons are not functional. I distributed the buttons evenly along the length of the button stand and attached them by hand sewing through both sides of the button stand. You could also make functional buttons, if you prefer.

All Finished :)

If you need the dress pattern, grab it here

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