How to Create Trendy & Warm Fall Outfits From Your Existing Wardrobe

Here’s a lovely shop-your-closet idea! I’ll be recreating warm fall outfits by checking out trendy outfits online and using the items I already have in my closet to replicate the look. This is an inexpensive way to get the most out of your clothing items!

The trick is to identify key themes regarding the outfit and take what you can to recreate the look with your own clothes. Looking for color, proportion, texture, and style is a good start.

Let’s go closet shopping!

How to create basic outfits for fall

Oversized, masculine, minimalism

So, this is a lovely outfit I found. Let’s look at the key style elements. Firstly, it’s a contrasting palette. See how she plays with the black and white?

Also, the proportions are very obvious here; oversized vs. fitted. The blazer is definitely oversized, while the shorts are more of a custom-fitted look. The whole vibe here is pretty formal, minimalist, and kind of like a menswear feel. 

So, now that we have the key style elements identified, I’m going to show you my recreated look. 

Recreating fall trends with clothes you own

Here’s my recreated look. I’m wearing a plain white tank, black shorts, black oxford shoes, and an oversized blazer, with a printed scarf. I actually went for two looks here, alternating between a printed blazer or a plain black one.

Fun fall outfits you can recreate at home

Relaxed, off-shoulder, romantic

The key elements from this next look are really interesting. Firstly, it’s a monochrome outfit with a complementary accent color. I love how the blue goes with the tan shoes and handbag.

There is also a mix of textures: she wears a satin skirt with a knitted jersey. The styling tweaks are seriously sizzling here. Notice the off-shoulder style with the quasi tuck and the rolled sleeves? I love it! 

Let’s see what I can come up with from items I already own! 

Satin skirt with a knitted sweater

Cute and cozy fall outfits

What do you think? I managed to pull off two looks just by checking out what I have in my closet. I absolutely love this romantic feel; it’s really cute and sexy, too.

So, here I’m wearing a more neutral palette, with a beautiful brown silk skirt and a white knitted top. My accent colors are these gorgeous romantic red heels and matching handbag.

I also opted for a sandy-colored top for the second look, which in my opinion, is the best look of all. It’s effortless and easy. 

Creating comfy and casual fall outfits

Sophisticated, casual, graphic tee

This sophisticated yet casual look has a mix of 3 different styles. There’s a lovely graphic tee, formal balloon pants, and a touch of femme with these stunning white shoes.

I love how cohesive and put together this outfit is, and the subtle style tweaks play a big part. See how the graphic t-shirt is tucked in neatly and the pants are cuffed at the bottom? Overall, the proportions are also amazing.

Are you ready to recreate this look?

Graphic t-shirt with formal pants

Here’s my take. What do you think? With a little deliberation about the shoes, I was able to find a delicate shoe that kind of anchors out the whole vibe of this outfit. I’m wearing a classic graphic tee, formal light grey trousers, and a cream-colored sandal with a small heel. 

How to create warm fall outfits with your wardrobe

Shopping your closet is a great way to recreate your favorite looks without having to burn a hole in your purse. I was able to create these warm fall outfits with items that I already own.

I must say, I would have never thought of putting together these comfy casual fall outfits if it wasn’t for me browsing for some style inspiration. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and consider the shop-your-closet ideal for everyday looks, no matter the season! 

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