4 Holiday Looks From Amazon!

by Shanthomas87

No matter if you like to dress up, or keep it casual.... we probably all have some Holiday events coming up! Today I am sharing 4 affordable outfit options for any event you have in your future!

Look #1

Who doesn’t have a reason to wear a Christmas sweater?! If nothing else, you can wear this on Christmas Day! I love this Christmas sweater from Amazon! It’s soft, warm, and adorable! This is a fun way to look festive, but still stylish!

The whole outfit is linked here.

Look #2

Here is a little more of a dressy Holiday option. I grabbed my favorite Spanx leggings and paired them with some knee high boots! This deep red cardigan completes the look. The silk cami adds a polished look to this outfit.

The whole outfit is linked here.

Look #3

Who needs a Christmas dress?! Here is a great option from Amazon that’s under $30! Best part? It has POCKETS! You could easily add a blazer or sweater on top of this to change up the look!

The whole outfit is linked here.

Look #4

For this last look, I figured I would give you an outfit without red in it! I realize that not everyone wants to wear red for the holidays, so I grabbed this fuzzy sweater from Amazon. It’s an oversized sweater that works great with leggings! I paired it with my over the knee boots also from Amazon. If you are shorter than me (I am 5’5), you could even wear this as a dress!

The whole outfit is linked here.

There you go! Hopefully that gives you some inspiration of what to wear this Holiday season! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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