How to Use Your Summer Wardrobe to Create Basic Outfits for Winter

Have you ever wondered how you can style the same pieces in your wardrobe from season to season? Well, this style guide is all about putting together basic outfits for winter using your summer wardrobe!

Giedre is always looking for ways to reuse and restyle the clothing pieces that she already owns. Here, she is going to be talking you through how to mix clothes for winter and summer.

How to mix clothes for winter

1. Beige jeans

At first, Giedre wasn’t sure of the different ways that she could wear her beige jeans in the winter, but she realized that she has beige combat boots that go perfectly, and the boots don’t visually cut off her legs. So, she likes the effect and clean finish that this look creates.

When Giedre is wearing something very casual, she likes to elevate her look, and she has done that here by adding a beautiful cashmere sweater. The stripes of the sweater bring some edginess to this very neutral-tone look.

She is styling the sweater with a sleeveless white top underneath as she loves that the white top pops out at the top and bottom to create that layered look. An oversized trench coat completes the outfit. 

How to wear a silk blouse in the winter

2. Silk blouse

For the next outfit, Giedre looked at how she could wear this beautiful silk blouse in the colder months. The first option is quite simple, she just styled it with a pleated midi skirt and some tall boots. This combination is very elegant and feminine. 

Classic casual winter outfits

On the other hand, to create a bit more interest in the look, Giedre went for an additional layer underneath - a simple high-neck sweater.

If you are layering a silk blouse or a satin blouse, it is important to choose a fabric underneath that won’t be too heavy.

To finalize the look, she opted for a simple pair of dark wash blue jeans and a pair of high-heeled brown leather booties.

Wearing a trench coat in the winter

3. Lightweight coat

Sometimes thick coats don’t look very elegant, so Giedre is always is looking for ways that she can still feel very warm and cozy but at the same time wear the outer pieces that she wants to wear, like thin trench coats.

The key tip to making any outer piece warmer is to wear a maxi cardigan underneath; it acts as an extra layer under the coat.

How to wear bright colors in the winter

4. Bright colors

In this case, Giedre has toned down the brightness of this skirt by pairing it with a slightly darker top.

Sometimes you might opt for a black top because it is a dark color that you think goes with everything, so it is quite an easy option to go for. However, Giedre feels that here adding a black top just wouldn’t work here and it would kill the color and the fun.

The solution is a top that is a a darker tone but still very rich in color. To further tone down this look, she added a brown belt and brown boots. You can try out brown or navy or khaki or even white, so there are a lot of other options that aren’t black.

Comfy and casual winter outfit with leggings

5. Leggings 

Leggings are a simple clothing piece that so many women have. This is a very casual look, yet is a sophisticated way that you can wear your leggings. Giedre has styled them with a long shirt.

To add edginess and a modern twist to this look, she added a simple knitted sweater vest. Lastly, to finalize the look, she is wearing rain boots and a long coat. Here, we have an elevated look for a simple pair of leggings.

Basic outfits for winter

6. Light skirt

This skirt is a piece that Giedre would usually wear in summer, as it is white and flowy. But, as the fabric is quite heavy, she feels it is an appropriate fabric to wear in winter as well.

As we already discussed, an appropriate way to winterize a light-colored piece is by toning down the whole look. So, in this case, Giedre might add a black top but due to the proportions, she doesn’t want to have any harsh horizontal lines in her outfit.

Instead, she looked for a way to infuse some dark tones in her look, still keeping those beautiful elongated vertical proportions. To achieve this, Giedre added a beautiful animal print top that has a lot of black spots, but at the same time, it has a neutral beige tone to it as well.

The fact that it’s not a solid color means that it doesn’t create a harsh line on her waist area. To elongate the look even more, she added some white boots. 

How to style basic outfits for winter

Giedre hopes that you’ve enjoyed learning about how you can take summer pieces and make them winter-appropriate. Applying these tips and tricks will help you create some gorgeous comfy and casual winter outfits. 

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