Sweater Dress Style Tip

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Now that the weather is turning colder I love sweater dresses because they help me to stay warm but I sometimes run into the problem of the dress being too long, especially when I wear tall boots with it. I have found an easy hack for anyone looking to add a little style or looking to reduce the length of their sweater dress.

For this hack you are going to need a belt and preferably one that matches your dress nicely. You will also want to assess how much length you want to reduce your dress by. If it is more than a few inches this may not work for you but if you are looking to add some style and not reduce the length that much you will love this hack.

Next, place the belt an inch or two above your hips and tighten the belt to a comfortable width but also so that it will not fall down your waist.

Lastly, once your belt is secured pull your dress up and slightly over your belt. This will reduce the length of the dress and also add a nice shape and style to your dress. Hope this was helpful!

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