8 Classy Winter Outfits That Are Chic, Cozy & Easy to Style

I’m going to show you 8 classy winter outfits that are really easy to recreate. We’ll be looking at the key pieces you should have in your winter wardrobe as well as what to consider when putting your outfits together. Let's get started.

Chic winter outfits in monochrome

1. Column of color

A really easy look to recreate is going head-to-toe in one column of color. This is a fashion trend that we can easily reach for all year round.

This happens to be one of my favorite looks, particularly when I don’t know what to wear. If in doubt, color block. It never fails to elevate your outfit.

So here, as you can see, I decided on navy, but the tone you choose really doesn’t matter at all. Whatever shade you have on repeat throughout your wardrobe is definitely the easiest color to choose.

I’m wearing a beautiful sweater, tailored pants, and a blazer with gold button detail. The sneakers then bring the rest of the outfit back into the realm of smart but casual.

Warm, practical, and classy winter outfits

2. Wrap up warm

Sometimes the trick to looking chic in winter is about thinking of the comfort factor first and foremost. It is very hard to feel stylish when you’re absolutely frozen to the bone!

I tend to wear tights layered under loads of winter outfits. You could also go for a pair of pop socks. With this look, I’m wearing a thermal t-shirt underneath my sweater, which is actually quite a light layer.

It’s a very simple look that keeps me warm and toasty without having to have too many chunky layers.

Classic winter casual chic outfits

3. The classics

Here, I’m wearing three pieces that are all essential to me in my capsule wardrobe - a favorite Breton striped top, a camel coat, and a pair of leather pants

You can read more about these items in my previous tutorials on styling Breton tops, winter coats and jackets, as well as leather pants.

I am particularly fond of stripes and camel sitting side by side, but the addition of the leather pants gives the outfit a bit of an up-to-date edge.

How to style chic outfits for winter

4. Cut-out

The cut-out trend is going strong this season so I’ve opted for a beige jumper with cut-out detail on the shoulders. I’ve styled this outfit for those milder winter days.

The key point to remember with this kind of outfit is to try to contrast your textures. My jumper is ribbed cotton, set against soft moleskin with my pants, and the scarf is a waffle knit.

All of that combined together gives a tonal look more depth and interest. And doing it with a collection of beige tones is a surefire way to make your winter ensemble look more expensive.

Styling classy winter clothes

5. Camel and gray

Here, I have gone for camel tones and added some gray into the mix. The camel tones warm that slightly harsh tone of the gray pants; it’s a contrast that I think really works.

I also love adding big blanket scarves into an outfit. They can take a look in a totally different direction.

Aesthetically, I wanted the scarf to hang down, but I didn’t want to have to keep fiddling with the other side falling back over me. So I actually wore my handbag as a crossbody to hold the scarf in place.

Classy and casual winter outfits

6. Dark tones

In this outfit, I’m wearing my pair of leather pants and then added in some pointed-toe ankle boots. I then paired them with this half-zip jumper in a beautiful deep plum tone. Finally, I took another sweater and used it as a scarf.

The black ties in nicely with my pants and boots, the texture contrasts well against that ribbed knit, and the overall look is classy, put together, and most of all, it feels like me.

Accessorizing classy winter outfits

7. All in the details

Outfits don’t get much easier than a pair of pants and a roll neck. But hopefully, you agree it’s the little details that can make an outfit like this really stand out.

I’ve got a pair of tights on underneath my pants, and I like how they, combined with the loafers, keep the line of dark running all the way down to my toes. It elongates your shape while being practical at the same time.

I finished the look with another scarf, this time, a knitted cotton version, and a classic black handbag.

Classy winter dress out

8. Straight dress

A big trend for this season is straight, minimalist tube dresses. The key to this trend is straighter, maxi shapes rather than anything too floaty.

Although length-wise, my lovely knitted cardigan doesn’t quite reach the same level as the dress, I don’t think it really matters.

Long, draped cardigans like this can be really handy to have, especially as we move into that more transitional period.

Classy winter outfits

That’s it; lots of classy winter outfits for you to recreate, and I hope you’ve picked up some helpful styling tips along the way. Let me know what your essential piece is for the winter in the comments below!

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