5 Chic Leather Trousers Outfit Ideas: How to Style Your Leather Pants

Leather trousers are the in-thing, and I’m here to show you my top leather trousers outfit ideas for this season. Whether you’re wondering what shoes you wear with leather trousers or what blazer looks best, I have you covered! Let’s begin!

Casual outfits with leather trousers

Outfit 1 - leather trousers & a knit sweater

Leather trousers are pretty glam in their own right, so the secret is to style them with something pretty laid back.

That’s why I decided to go for something simple in this outfit. I paired my trousers with a neutral chunky knit jumper. I tucked it in on one side to give it an asymmetrical feel.

My point heels elongate me and just give this look a rounded touch of elegance. As for the handbag, I went for a plain black strapless bag. 

Black leather trousers outfit

Outfit 2 - Layering

A little layering never hurt anyone! I’m wearing this beautiful little black dress that’s cinched at the waist. I then lifted the fabric over my waist, making it look like an oversized top.

I matched this all-black ensemble with my pointy shiny heels and threw on some bangles for some extra dazzle! 

What do you wear with leather trousers?

Outfit 3 - leather trousers & blazers

No big surprises with this outfit! I mean, you’ve got to get a blazer in there, right?

This is such a comfy and beautiful outfit. I paired my gray blazer with a gray top and a classic black crossbody bag. I also did a half-tuck with the top so as not to look too polished. 

Leather trousers with a neutral blazer

Here’s another blazer idea that gets a big nod from me! I went for a little color contrast in this look, and still, this looks so fab! 

Leather trousers with a brown blazer

A deep chocolate tone for fall or winter will really give off those cozy vibes. The tones and texture in this ensemble are a real eye-grabber. 

Leather trousers with a black blazer

And, of course, settling for an all-black blazer is always a winner!

How to style leather trousers

Back to the earthy tone blazer, I decided to swap my gray top for a plain white t-shirt and threw on these pretty kitty heels.

These heels work seamlessly with the leather trousers and give off an interesting detail.

Also, this outfit is pretty good for transitional periods such as fall or springtime. I really love this black leather trousers outfit!

What shoes do you wear with leather trousers?

Outfit 4 - leather trousers & sneakers

Elegant and straightforward really go hand in hand with this style. Pairing a classic white t-shirt with comfy sneakers is also a trendy route to take.

I turned the bottom of the trousers up, so there’s a tiny bit of skin exposed. It gives a really chilled vibe, perfect for outings where you need something more versatile. 

Leather trousers outfit ideas

Outfit 5 - feminine leather trousers ensemble

Leather trousers really have the ability to dress up any outfit, even when you’re wearing flats. 

I styled my trousers with an off-the-shoulder baby pink sweater in this outfit, giving a sexier edge to the whole look. Then, I went for a pair of cute ballet flats that have a similar tone to my sweater.

This super-relaxed daytime look works well with neutral-toned handbags, such as the one I’m holding. 

Leather trousers outfit ideas

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. It’s given you a lot of inspiration. There are so many leather trousers outfit ideas to play around with! Keeping things simple is the secret! See you next time. 

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