10 Classic Breton Top Outfits for Your Inner French Woman

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to style a Breton top outfit. Breton stripes are such a classic wardrobe staple and will never go out of style. Throwing on a Breton top and jeans is a way to always look put together and sophisticated, emulating elegant French style.

Here, I'm going to share how to style a Breton top with 10 different outfit ideas.

What is a Breton top?

Breton stripes get their name from Brittany (or Bretagne) in northern France. The striped pattern was originally thought up to spot French sailors when they'd fallen overboard!

The style was given a new lease of life by Coco Chanel in her 1917 collection, and the rest is fashion history.

Breton top with mid-wash jeans

1. Breton top with mid-wash jeans

We're going to start with the easiest and most classic way to style a Breton top, which is with a pair of mid-wash denim jeans. I really love that blue denim styled against a blue Breton.

Here, I've added a leather jacket to give the outfit a bit more edge, and my flats are pretty gentle, so I think they make a nice contrast. 

How to style a Breton top

2. Breton top with a blazer

When I'm feeling the need to make the top a bit smarter, a really easy trick is just to throw a blazer over the top. Here, I've added my herringbone blazer, but in all honesty, any blazer would work.

I've married the tone of the blazer with my straight-leg jeans as well as my ankle boots, and a little Parisian-style handbag to finish.

Breton top with wool-blend pant

3. Breton top with wool-blend pants

When I want a slightly lighter-toned overall look in winter, I like pairing my Breton with this wool-blend pair of pants. In summer, I'd probably switch those out for a pair of chinos or maybe beige jeans; the effect is still the same - it's clean and it's crisp.

I've also added a pair of classic white sneakers and my tan leather handbag. I love tan against Breton stripes; it's one of my favorite combinations. To finish, I added a cute little headband.

What do you wear with a Breton top?

4. Breton top with a draped sweater

Recently, I've noticed a lot of women wearing their sweaters over their shoulders and tied in a knot at the front. It's practical, at least, always having a sweater to hand, and I really like this effortlessly chic look.

So, here I've tied in the brown tone of my sweater with a tan leather belt, caramel flats, and a camel handbag to finish. 

Dressy evening Breton top outfit

5. Breton top dressed up

I don't think that many people would necessarily think of wearing a Breton top when they're heading out for dinner, but I think that it can absolutely work.

Looking effortless chic boils down to not trying too hard (which is hard, I know!). Don't overdo it on your accessories, leave your hair slightly messy and undone, and most importantly, make sure your outfit feels comfortable. 

Breton top with a pop of red

6. Breton top with a pop of red

Here to jazz the Breton top up a bit, I went for that famous French woman style, adding a pop of red into my outfit with my red heels.

You could also add a touch of red lipstick to bring the two tones together. I like styling this look with my crossbody bag to make it feel more relaxed and every day. 

How do you layer a Breton top?

7. Breton top with shades of brown

One tone that I love throwing into the mix when styling a Breton top is brown. It's quite possibly my favorite shade.

I love the contrast of the elegant, polished coat, sat against the very easygoing Breton top, as well as the smart, tailored pants contrasted with super-chilled sneakers on my feet. I just love the way that it all blends together.

This outfit is one big concoction of different styles and textures, and it's elegant and laid back all at the same time.

Breton top outfit with color

8. Breton top outfit with color

Don't be afraid of trying to integrate color into your Breton top outfits. With this look, I wanted an extra layer for when it gets a bit chilly outside, so I added my light pink mohair cardigan underneath, then I added a deeper shade of pink with the jacket. 

How to wear a Breton top

9. Breton top with khaki

I wanted to share how nicely that deep khaki tone works against the Breton stripes. It's one color and style combination that I love. I've taken it one step further and styled it with a lighter tone of khaki with this pair of pants; all the tones work beautifully together.

This is a very chilled-out outfit, but it feels on-trend and effortless.

Tonal Breton top outfit

10. Tonal Breton top outfit

Here, I've gone for a fairly tonal look, pairing my Breton top with my straight-legged cropped pants. I've then layered my classic wool navy coat over the top. I love the texture of the wool coat against the cotton top and the silky pants. 

How to style Breton top outfits

I really advise having a play in front of the mirror with your own Breton top, just trying on different colors and different pieces, even if you think they won't work. You might just surprise yourself with a whole new outfit idea that you love.

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