8 Key Styles of Winter Coats & Jackets to Include in Your Wardrobe

Welcome to this autumn/winter coats and jackets lookbook. I’ve got something old, something new, something borrowed, and even something blue! I thought you might enjoy seeing all my favorite coats and jackets, how I style them, and what I look out for when I’m buying a new one.

Long robe coat in a camel color

1. Long robe coat

Let’s start with something new. This is a beautiful, long camel coat. I wanted the robe-style shape and something to wrap myself up in when the weather got really cold.

I was also searching for that deep camel tone that would look rich and sumptuous. To say that I’m chuffed that I finally found one would be an understatement.

I just adore this coat - the cut, the shade, and the fabric content even, having been made from a blend of wool and Tencel. 

White wool blazer for the winter

2. Winter blazer

Next up, I have this beautiful blazer in 100% wool. It’s pretty heavyweight, nicely so for winter, so I think both aesthetically and practically, it’s a piece I will probably be styling an awful lot this season.

I love the boxy fit of the blazer and that slightly longer length. I also love the winter white tone and the feel of the wool, which is absolutely stunning.

Winter coat vs jacket

A nice point of difference with this one is that it comes with a matching belt, too, should you wish to change it up. And I find it nice to have that just as another option. 

I personally never save white just for summer. I love the look of a crisp white or beige jacket to brighten up a cold winter morning, and they always give your outfits that sprinkle of effortless polish that we’re all after.

Long navy coat for autumn and winter

3. Navy color

Here we have a winter coat in a beautiful shade of navy. I always find having a navy coat in my autumn/winter wardrobe really helpful as I often style it with all those lovely brown autumnal tones. I wear it with black, I love it against a crew, and even a pop of red from time to time. 

I recommend sizing up when going for a coat like this because then you can layer till your heart's content underneath, but you still want the coat to fit nicely on the shoulders, so you retain that elegant finish.

Autumn/winter coats are one area I always invest in. I try to stay away from anything too on-trend and instead search out those timeless pieces that I don’t think will date and that I can envisage having for life.

Navy blazer with brown outfit

I also have this navy blazer in my wardrobe. Although it’s lighter and might not work for the height of winter, it is something I’m reaching for a lot at the moment.

Gray wool blazer for autumn and winter

4. Shades of gray

This here is my lovely 100% wool blazer in a light shade of gray. It's a really soft neutral tone that seems to integrate with virtually my entire wardrobe. You could also add a gray scarf into the mix to elevate the entire look.

Lookbook for fall / winter jackets & coat

I have this gray herringbone blazer that has been invaluable in my wardrobe. So whether you go for a blazer, a coat, or a jacket, I would advise having some shades of gray in your wardrobe for autumn/winter.

Gray is elegant, it feels sophisticated, and it always manages to elevate my outfits.

Classic trench coat with jeans and stripes

5. The classic trench coat

It’s not exactly a winter coat, but I always have, and I always recommend having, at least one beautiful camel trench coat in your capsule wardrobe. I wear mine a lot, but I just find them so incredibly versatile for wet and windy weather.

You can either go full-on Parisian style, introducing stripes and tan details, or keep it simple with your styling underneath and let the coat do all the talking for you. When you find a good trench coat, minimal effort is required elsewhere.

How should a winter coat fit a woman?

Tips for choosing the best trench coat: I would say choose your fabric content wisely. Too thick, and it won’t work year-round, which it absolutely should. Too thin, and you’ll never reach for it in winter. 

How many winter coats should I have?

6. Something original and different

Next, I have a green cropped coat. This is a bit shorter than I would usually go for, and it looks original and different in my wardrobe. This is actually the only green item in my entire wardrobe! But, that's why I love it so much - I don't have anything else like it.

I'd advise stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time when it comes to your winter coats.

How often should you replace a winter coat?

7. Versatile coat

A big favorite for me is this double-breasted coat in an oversized fit from Mango. I can style it in so many ways and I know I've already got my money's worth when it comes to cost per wear.

Sometimes, you just know when a coat fits your style and you'll wear it a lot. I've noticed that Mango is selling this exact same coat in a lovely shade of gray, so I might get it in a different color too because I know how much I'll wear it.

How to choose winter coats and jackets

8. Tailored coat

Lastly, we have this wool winter coat which I “borrowed” from mum mom’s closet. It’s more of a tailored coat which makes it feel smart and elegant. It’s really a classic and will stand the test of time for years to come.

Winter coats and jackets styling tutorial

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at my winter coats, jackets, and blazers. In my opinion, you can never have too many of them! My top tips are to go for quality fabrics and neutral colors that you’ll be able to style in lots of different ways.

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